[BUG LOGGED] Bring back volumetric lighting!

In addition to this, the Ambient Occlusion option is now presented as “non-compatible software” in Nvidia’s control panel.

This gets my vote.

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Sure hope Asobo and MSFS will communicate on this one.

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I could make do with having to set a preset weather in order to avoid high temps at high altitude. But I can’t not have my volumetric light effects. I’m mostly a night flier. Come on Asobo, bring it back! It was one of best visual features of the sim.

Thanks TheOriginalBabu for the info.

With the check mark…is this the volumetric setting you’re referring to?

Screenshot 2021-08-02 103338

Hi everyone, This issue has been logged and will be reviewed by the team!


Glad to hear that, Olie. Cheers!

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Yes, that’s the check mark.

Thanks Viralwhite, are there any other note worthy check marks that should be in the Dev mode?

Great to hear. I hope fixing this also gets rid of the weird Sepia filter. Everything has a yellowish tint.
After that I hope LOD, Autogen, Shadows and Anti-Aliasing will get a rework to restore them to their former glory as well.

This is one of the only problems! Also the overexposure. Seems like the lighting broke…

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I agree about the sepia filter. Needs to go!

I don’t know if this is the same volumetric lighting problem, but it’s lighting in clouds.
I made a comparison video of SU5 flying through a thunderstorm, to a video I had of an old build from August 2020 with mostly the same conditions (hard to recreate exactly)

Check out the comparison in this post: Cloud Lighting VIDEO comparison, August 2020 build vs Simupdate 5

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Just flew in thick cloud with rain at night. The rain drops were well lit up with taxi lights on. There was no cloud lighting up as I have seen in SU4. I enabled the Dev mode lighting and and all graphic options but still no diffused lighting.

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I was noticing how the sunlight reflected off the cockpit dash doesn’t look real anymore. The lighting looks very dull. I bet this issue is the reason why.

Here is a screenshot of the sunlight on dash in SU5. The sunlight just isnt’ as vibrant as it used to be.


Long story short, I feel that they promised us more performance in this update, through “optimization and re-implementing” stuff. Although actual work done seems like “removal and reduction” of features and details.

It might sound harsh, but that’s the way it seems like.

Why I say so? Performance is indeed better, but at the cost of:

  1. LOD
  2. Texture Loading times
  3. Overall graphics
  4. Volumetric lighting
  5. Reflections
  6. Weather
  7. Anti-aliasing

I am scared of SU6 now.


I can confirm that flying at night in the middle of heavy clouds, with the lights on, in VR … was really amazing.

Clouds don’t cast any shadow at all, I think that’s why the game looks so terrible, washed out and overexposed…

Asobo said to PMDG that they disabled some render stuff because it wasn’t ready yet to be pushed live, I guess they were partially taking about that


I’m new to this forum. Could you please let me know how to vote.