Can't access VR menu after update

I can bring the VR menu up with the key binding I have set up but cannot mouse click on anything and make it work. Was trying to select weather after the VR menu came up and nothing. Deactivated VR and CTD. Thoughts?


Using Reverb G2 by the way. All software and Open XR updated.

I have the same problem!!!

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same on my side…can’t click in the menu anymore…all updates made incl. graphic card and vr in ms-store
And if I switch back from vr-mode to normal → ctd


Same here, unable to select anything from the toolbar menu in VR. Surely something like this would have been picked up in testing?

I’ve removed all add-ons from the community folder and still the same so definitely not a conflict…


it’s so funny…this game is remembering me of a song from daft punk from 2015…“technologic”…lol…listen only the first 30 seconds…it hit’s the point

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Got the same problem

The worst thing is we can’t roll back to so VR is basically unusable now until they release a hotfix


Yes, and this is a Known Bug in the Release Notes. It’s really disappointing this was not addressed prior to the release of the update. It’s unclear as of now if it will be a hotfix or will be a bug until the next official release.

Thanks for letting us know - update can wait now!

It’s in the release notez, but really the release notes should just have said Known Issue : VR Unusable.

Guess we wait for SU8.

Got the same problem:-(

Nice to release something thats breaks VR… thx Asobo! By the way, yes I got the same issue…


Same issue for me, even with the VR controller we can’t select anything from the menu.

Should better be expected from yet another mess after a forced update ?
Do we learn ?
Is it a laughing stock that its been known prior to the release of the update ?

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You have got to be joking.

Simply stunning.

I’m not in game yet, but is it still possible to use mouse to interact with the toolbar when you are in VR?

Nope, that’s broken. Also windows that are opened can’t be moved, closed or changed.

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yep, seems the left click doesnt work, same on the world map…