Can't access VR menu after update

The controllers work the sim recognize them but the lights buttons do not work on CRJ for example. I do not know I will figure it out then.

Well sad to wake up to this news :frowning:

Bugs I’ve found so far

  1. Mouse can’t interact with menus in VR
  2. Mouse takes a long time to appear in VR. I have to move it quite a lot before it pops up.
  3. Found sometimes VR can’t be disabled (Ctrl Tab) while in flight mode. Have to exit to the menu first.
  4. For the new Velocity aircraft VR places you behind the cockpit by default. You can work around this with the arrow/alt keys through.

You have to wonder how an update like this made it through testing then you read the name and it’s all right there. Microsoft.


No. we are talking about the toolbar where you open/close VFR-Map, Weather, ATC, etc.

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Why on earth didn’t this show up on the beta test. Perhaps they didn’t bother testing with VR customers…
Terrible service.

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it did show up.
It is even in the release notes.
They simply released it anyway.

It was reported during the beta. It wasn’t fixed before release.

Yup main way to interact with the sim systems is broken in VR, and ironically the fact you could turn that part on and off was a plus of VR I never realised monitor users couldn’t do before?? because “reasons” ??

like tonight

this is inacceptable


I agree. I’m just saying this so that people stop blaming the testers. They did their job and reported it initially. Asobo needs to fix it ASAP.


same issue here, come on Asobo. This is unacceptable!!!

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Its so funny. Due to the currently completely overloaded server, I get a message every few minutes that the data connection will be switched off. As long as the window is there, the Hotas no longer works, and if I don’t switch to 2D quickly enough to click it away, I head towards the floor.

A real crash simulator. :joy: :joy:

This is a good bug however: it affects everyone! Much easier to find and fix than most other bugs! :slight_smile:

The bug is listed in the release notes; however, the bullet point failed to mention that in-game panels can’t be moved or resized either. I hope the bug-fix involves some additional testing of related interaction. (For example, the first thing you’re supposed to do in the first C152 tutorial is to hide the yoke. That doesn’t seem to work in VR right now, at least not with the mouse.)

But people, come on, the bug is known. Relax. It will be fixed. Just let them work. :slight_smile:


@GentlestCurve98 That’s because of the google map mod :slight_smile: Check the README, you have two line in the “hosts” file to delete.
I hade exactly the same issue

It is not because of that. Today even the forum does not want to … But thanks

There is a sort of work around for those who fly airliners which allows for interaction with the toolbar and associated panels. this methid will not work with GA aircraft.

I posted the details here:

CTRL-0 (usually default view)
Toolbar works
Do not reset view, stay in view 0 if you wanna interact (GTN) or move windows around


Can’t help but think they see us like this!

If you’re referring to the open atc and checklist panels they’ve been set to open automatically in the assistance settings (all set to easy). Someone kindly posted this info earlier.