Can't disable autorudder - turns are coordinated without manual rudder input

I’m puzzled why more people aren’t calling this bug a bigger problem. Surely a significant problem with the primary flight controls deserves more attention? I recently raised it in Zendesk, as I found no-one else had. I notice others have the same issue, so it’s not just me.

I guess it’s because so many people use autopilot, or don’t know rudder should be used when banking, or are just happy that they don’t need to worry about coordinating a turn themselves? It’s a very convenient bug!

There is no option in Assistance to disable autorudder in flight, only on the ground. What’s more, the keyboard shortcuts have options to disable and toggle autorudder, but they don’t actually work!

When you bank without rudder input, the ball stays centred, and the rate of turn is consistent with a coordinated turn. The graphics do not show rudder input with an aileron-only input, but that’s because the graphics are modelled separately to the flight model.

What’s your opinion, do you not need or want to control the rudder yourself in turns?


If it hasn’t already been, why not raise it as a wishlist item!

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Yes I want to have accurate yaw etc, but what else can I do if MS/Asobo devs doesn’t give it to us? :slight_smile:

Please vote these items below:

By the way, the Carenado Seminole P-44 (available now in the marketplace) simulates adverse yaw (which is, in your language, the need for you to push the rudder pedals appropriately during turns) very accurately, based on the real world pilots’ reviews and feedback I’ve received so far and according to my own experience while flying it in the sim. This could only mean adverse yaw is not absent from MSFS 2020. It’s just that the MS/Asobo developers haven’t implemented it appropriately in the default aircraft.


What happens if you bank the plane left to right hard, rapidly turning the yoke from full deflection left to full deflection right. For me the ball is moving in that case (C172). It is also moving with more gentle movements of the yoke, but movements of the ball are more subtle then. I don’t know how much it should move in real life, but I would have expected a more pronounced adverse yaw effect.

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Done. Mine was the 132 vote. So it has some traction!


As mentioned in two other threads, that’s definitely not the case.

Adverse yaw is definitely simulated and can be easily adjusted/tuned.

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Correcting adverse yaw with your rudder in a turn is such a basic part of flying. I can’t believe this is so messed up in a “flight” simulator.


In the 152 you have to hide the yoke to even see the turn and slip indicator. In a turn, the ball stays in the centre without using rudder (which of course it shouldn’t). The rudder does work though, because I’ve done a few spins to check it and spins and stalls do feel very natural.

I’ve done some flying of late without my rudder pedals and auto rudder on or off seems to make no difference.


And I don’t even need to see the slip indicator to know I’m not pushing on the pedals. This is one of the first things they teach you in flight school. How could this have been missed among their 1000 points of contact? You would think there would be more concern when bragging over a flight model. I’m constantly sending planes into a skid because the whole coordinated turn is hard wired in me at this point.

BTW, I think all people are looking for is a response like; yea, we messed that up and are working on fixing it in the future.


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My experiecne with RW C150 is that it requires minumum amout of rudder (if at all) to stay coordinated in a turn…

Completely agree, zero point in having rudder pedal if you can’t coordinate and be balanced when banking and as someone else pointed out it is one of the first things you are taught in flight school.
Also the flight model in previous versions was realistic so why isn’t this one?


Here is a video I made with the 152 mod…

EDIT: Here is another vid being aggressive on the controls…

Take note of the inclinometer, swinging all over the place.

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I did some testing in the DV20 and definitely do not get autorudder on turn that I can see? A turn using only rudder, or only ailerons, will cause the ball to shift to one side or the other, while an attempt at a coordinated turn using both keeps it fairly close to center.

I’m using a Honeycomb Alpha yoke and Logitech/Saitek rudder pedals, with input managed via SimConnect with

When I am too high on an approach, I often use “slip” to quickly lose altitude. A slip is performed by cross-controlling the ailerons and the rudder. (Bank right with the ailerons and apply left rudder.)

The OP was posted last November. Maybe it has been “fixed”?


I dunno, look at my first video. Also at the current moment I am in the DA40 NG and I can keep a coordinated turn going touching the rudder pedals.

There are several keyboard keybindings for AUTORUDDER. There is a default keybinding to TOGGLE AUTORUDDER. (LeftShift + LeftCtrl + u) Toggle sets it on if it is off or turns it on if it is off. Maybe you’ve toggled it ON in the past and never toggled it OFF.

One way to check. AUTORUDDER and other flight controls is to start a flight on a runway, set the parking brake off, use the External Camera to view the aircraft from the rear, move the various flight controls to insure proper operation. The rudder should not move when using the ailerons and the ailerons should not move when using the rudder.

Autorudder isn’t enabled. I bring the yoke left and right and the rudder doesn’t move, only the ailerons. the rudder doesn’t move till I actually use the rudder pedals. In P3D I can hop in an A2A aircraft and I definitely need to use the rudder in turns.

EDIT: I just tried that key combo and it does nothing. I even checked to make sure it was bound. I banked left and right and the rudder isn’t moving at all, checked both the rudder pedals and the rudder itself. It doesn’t move unless I actually use the rudder pedals. Assistance is set to hard (meaning none) and I am using the modern flight model.

I think I understand. Even though autorudder is not enabled, MSFS aircraft (C152) are making coordinated turns because no rudder is used. The Turn Coordinator shows the bank of the wings and the ball is centered.

What I see happening is that using only ailerons, no rudder, after entering a turn, the ball remains centered. However, looking closely at the Turn Coordinator, the ball moves off center until the turn is entered. It happens so fast it LOOKS like a coordinated turn. When turning, both the ailerons and rudder are centered and the turn is coordinated.

Whenever I rest my feet on my rudder pedals, I tend to fly “right foot heavy”. I am always pressing on the right rudder. The C152 wants to start turning right so I use my yoke to keep the wings level. When I look at the Turn coordinator, the ball has moved left.


Adverse yaw is definitely simulated, but it still needs finetuning on the individual aircraft.

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I tested slow flight (full flaps…50-55KIAS…level flight) and you do get a slight left turning tendency but it’s not nearly strong enough and the airplane is much too stable. At least the nose attitude is close (much better than the A2A version)…should be right near the horizon. Since most simulations target a C172 to showcase how good their flight models are, if this is as good as FS2020 is right now, I’d say it needs some work.

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