Cessna 172, 52, yoke / control wheel has no 'visibility' toggle


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The cockpit mouse cursor in VR does not change to ‘pointing hand’ cursor shape when over the control wheel column and cannot be made invisible.

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  1. In Cessna 152, 172, 172 G1000, move VR mouse cursor to control wheel column
  2. Click to toggle invisibility, nothing happens

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Original Sim Update 7

Definite issue since SU7. See this thread for some ideas for work arounds in the mean time:


I have the same issue

I spoke with the dev team and not being able to hide the yoke has been a design choice on their end for a number of technical reasons.

However, I did hear that in the very first tutorial there is a prompt to hide the yoke, so that cannot be completed in VR. I’ll escalate that to the team. Thanks!

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