Corrupted cloud save

Hi guys,

My game is ctd’ing when t16000m is connected. I found out, when i remove the local saves, and cancel the cloud sync during load, go through the inital setup, all works well. Once I let the sync finish - instant ctd. Any way to remove this corrupted saved settings from the cloud? It is very frustrating to do the initial setup every time i run the game…thank you!!!

If I remember correctly the way to do it is to reset the game as if it were a fresh instal. (It might be worth backing up all the downloaded content first to save having to redownload it!)

As soon as you see the sync screen exit the game before it gets a chance to sync.

Then disconnect your internet and start the game…it should allow you to go all the way through to the main menu while the internet is disconnected. Once there start an actual flight, any flight at any airport in any aircraft.

Once loaded in to your flight (after clicking ‘ready to fly’) connect your internet and the game should log you in automatically and fix the corrupted save.

Thank you! When i do this i get an error saying “game is already running” when i start disconnected :frowning: any other tip?

Brw - by reset you mean in windows settings > apps > fs > advanced > reset? Also, when you say quit on sync, do i say cancel the sync and the. Alt+f4? Or just alt+f4 when it starts syncing? I am kinda desperate :unamused: thank you!!

Yes I do.

This might help:
I am assuming you have installed the in game packages to their default location of: C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages where XXXX is your user name. If you have installed them elsewhere then the first step I am about to suggest will be a smaller folder to copy.

  1. Copy the folder LocalCache from C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe to a new temporary location on your computer, eg. c:\MSFStemp
    (This step will prevent you having to download the massive 90gb or so download but must still be done)
  2. Copy the folder Settings from C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe to the same new temporary location, eg c:\MSFStemp\
  3. In the start menu right click on the Microsoft Flight Simulator icon, select more then app settings
    Scroll down to the two buttons Repair and Reset, press them each in turn. (Caution this will wipe your 94gb download-assuming it was in the default location- so make sure you have already copied the LocalCache folder above)
  4. Browse to C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe and make sure there is nothing there now, i.e. empty folder.
    Now copy back there the two folders from earlier, LocalCache and Settings.
  5. IMPORTANT Disconnect your computer from the internet You must do this before running the game if you wish to reset these cloud based profiles
    Once your computer is disconnected run the game. It will launch as if it was the first time you have run the game, i.e. you need to agree to EULA etc and go through the initial settings page. Complete the whole process as normal and the game should launch you to the main menu of the flight sim
  6. Once on the main menu connect your computer to the internet. You should get the verifying access pop up within the game shortly thereafter.
    Don’t skip this step: Select a random airport from the world map and start a flight. Once loaded in after the ‘fly now’ you can exit back to the main menu and close the flight sim down.
  7. Restart the game with the internet ON
    After you press the any key to start you will get prompted with a UI dialogue box titled “gaming UI”. It gives you the option to select two profiles a cloud based one (older) or this machine (newer and local). Select the local machine/newer and let the game load.
    Fingers crossed your profile issues have been fixed.

Let me know if this worked.

UPDATE August 2021: I don’t think this method will work any longer, as an active internet connection seems to be a requirement to start MSFS

**UPDATE 12 November 2021- Please see this new guide for deleting MS Store PC cloud profile for MSFS:


Man, thanks a lot for the write up. I will put my kids to bed, hope my wife will not make me watch tv, and vive this a whirl!!! Thank you i will report back!

Okay, first, after i reset and repair, i still have contents in the folder. I wiped it and pasted back the abcled up settingns and localcachw. But, then when i try to run game in offline, i get a pop up saying i need to connect to internet to run this or change offline permissions in store. Did that, but stil lget the popup… no idea :unamused:

Did you try to delete the profile and create a new one within the controller settings?

The problem is that if i let the cloud profile sync, the moment i connect t16000m it crashes. It doesnt crash when i cancel the sync…

Man it worked. I was messing with it outside of the boubdaries of your guide a bit - but eventually i got the ui dialogue to choose the profile. All works well now!!! Love you :heart:


…does this method gives me also my alaska bush trip save-files from the


folder back?

I suspect it deletes the saves altogether.

However, it should not remove the bush trip completion statistics that say you have completed a particular bush trip, if that mkes sense, since I believe that information is stored on the cloud in an area that cannot be deleted.

tried that but still wont sync to cloud

I see you have discovered this thread: Unable to sync your data with the cloud... (after a reinstall)

The remedy you replied to above, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be working in some scenarios. I really hope a solution is found to this issue soon!

This worked for me. I had installed FSUIPC7 and Luke Airtool, and latest NVIDIA driver (Mar 30 2021) and every time it would CTD on startup. This process helped it work again. I seem to have lost all my hours but dont really care as long as I can use the sim again.

It didn’t work for me. After I pressed Repair and Reset, the folder C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe didn’t get empty. Then I manually deleted the remained folders and put back the LocalCache and Settings folders, but the game doesn’t even start. Any idea? Thanks.

I have the MS Store version.

All this is way to complicated for many… and may cause some to get things even more messed up.

SO, it appears to be a recognized issue … Corrupted profiles. (caused by ??? )

Surely this can be programmed to fix itself, or at least have an option to restore DEFAULT profiles.

I have a Thrustmaster “Top Gun” Joystick that always causes a CTD.
Would like to think that this is being caused by the identified “Corrupt profile” situation.


I agree with the post @N6722C just made.


Now all we have to do is to get ASOBO to agree as well !!

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I agree with you. I just did a clean Windows install and I will wait for the next World Update to install the FS2020 and see if this problem will be solved. Fingers crossed.