Corvette in the market place

I noticed a car for sale in the market place called a Corvette? How do you fly that?


I think flight starts at about 3,000’
Then you fly it like you would a large rock.
Just along for the ride…:laughing:

It’s along the same trend as seeing boats in the Marketplace: I guess people are trying out different things. I saw someone flying a Mercedes, but that one actually flew. I assume that since this one is payware that it’s probably a little more serious and only drives along the ground, which begs the question: How do you actually do that? Even some service roads at airports are too bumpy to taxi on with a light aircraft. So how does one take a car out beyond an airport?

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i’m sorry , but cars for me in MSFS is this …



I wondered that, and downloaded a buggy off of flightsim and gave it a try just for fun. For the most part, the “roads” are difficult to navigate (pun intended). Generally they’re extremely bumpy, and bridges are problematic. I thought it was fun for a few hours but that was it.


I’m a little worried that the developer is going to get bad reviews because you can’t drive it anywhere except taxiways and runways.

Actually, it already has a pretty bad rating, one day in. Their other aircraft in the Marketplace has a 4.6 rating.



Good question :+1:

Which brings me to the only logical next question:

Why is such a ■■■■ available and some other, really good DLCs which had been submitted by the dev-team months ago is still not available?

This is not a question directly to you, but to the MSobo management.


To be honest, I hoped they get a bad rating when I saw this today


Well, that’s pretty mean. Anyone who rated it had to have bought it first, so wishing for a bad rating also means wishing for a bad experience for all those people.

As for the other point, as far as I’m aware, the ingestion process in the Marketplace is first-come, first-served. We don’t know when this was submitted. My impression is that the ingestion process takes weeks, so if something has not been approved for months, there might be something else going on that we are not privy to. If you would like to talk about this more, though, I would ask that you find another topic so this conversation sticks to the Corvette.


A Corvette is in the marketplace, but no Wilga :cry:


All, let’s please stick to the LivToAir Corvette in this conversation, please.

Here we have a Corvette (a really, really good one) in her native environment:


J W Pepper has to be the greatest gag guest ever created for any movie franchise!!!

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This Corvette based on video reviews doesn’t sound anything like a Corvette, and apparently the handling is also quite bad. So even setting aside the obvious fact that this product is inappropriate for MSFS given road quality, the product wasn’t really a serious effort anyway.

Given the “buyer beware” nature of the marketplace, the only way to communicate quality is low ratings. If MS doesn’t like that, the marketplace should be overhauled to provide a more generous refund policy, written feedback with ratings, and perhaps improving QA on submitted products.



Please take that conversation to another thread. This conversation is about the Corvette. Moderators have no ability to influence the MSFS roadmap. You can add your voice here:

and here:

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Again, only conversation about the LivToAir Corvette, please.

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I’ve just took my thrustmater wheel off the pc I didn’t think I’d need it for for a “flight sim” :thinking:

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lets assume it is a developer which see MSFS as a platform and if the Corvette is a first step, then may be he bring in future an additional add-on into the market which models a real “racetrack” in such a way, that user can have a race. I mean, this application “MSFS” is made under the hood of XBOX-Gaming, and flight-simmers can like that or not, but I’am pretty sure at the end the “gamers” decide about the content. ( I personaly hope, there are more gamers which want to “fly” :slight_smile: ).
For me is the price-tag for such a “try” / “fun” - thing to high, same for the ships in marketplace.


This is also the same developer of the Xtremeair Sbach, which is a decent performing aerobatic plane that arrived on the official market at the same time. So if their Corvette is the same type of thing, I believe they probably bought the 3D model online and adapted it to the sim. Which isn’t inherently a bad thing if you want to make sim content but aren’t good at 3D modeling. But in this case though, it kinda seems like a bit of an easy money grab. I’m not into it. Most you could really do is have races down a long runway. There has already been ground vehicles available in the sim. They’ve all been free though.

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Hasn’t stopped people from downloading that horrific B52 with its minecraft cockpit on full display before you buy.