Crash To Desktop after the latest update

After the latest update (UK Update) the simulator keeps crashing to desktop more than ever. Plus it took two days to download the new update. I have fiber 100 Mibts internet speed which is more than enough and only it was downloading at 2-3 Mibts, plus the download was restarting on it own. Also when flying over photogrammetry buildings in london they are low resolution and it will take while to load in high resolution. And after the first time booting the simulator at earth menu im experiencing low fps 10-15 fps. I am so frustrated after waiting this long for uk update, and when it finally done it presented issues more than what they promised.

All these problems i encountered makes the new update useless and to be honest im not going to fly as much as i did before if not at all until they fix it.

Asobo needs to focus on stabilizing the sim rather than just update the world which we connot enjoy if problems like this keeps persist.

Hope that Asobo gets there attention to this.

Because we not allways want to ask the same question, I repeat for you the Issue-Reporting-Template.

Please give us infos…

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Brief description of the issue:

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

Yep - I couldn’t complete any flights yesterday

No add-ons at all - simple GA stuff in middle of nowhere Oregon, USA

Really weird.

I have CTDs without end over London.
Error code: 0x80000003

It sucks!

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this are exactly information we need to can give you an answer… beside your system specs :slight_smile:

please check following:

The return of constant CTD’s The ongoing problems with MSFS

Thought there was light at the end of the tunnel but apparently not
Have had 5 CTD’s now on longer duration flights about 30-45 mins in
Which again makes the sim unplayable
Why do the devs feel that something has to be broken in order to get a few fixes in


plase add necessary informations if you ask for hints :slight_smile:

Community folder empty
Dont use dev mode
cant take a screenshot as it occurs without warning and suddemly
PC specs - A newer one that has handled the sim very well
Not submitted to zendesk yet trying to isolate the problem in order to report it

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CTD over London en route to Manchester after update yesterday. Very frustrating.

Had constant CTDs on the days prior and was hoping this would be fixed with update. No point flying like this anymore… :frowning:


Same problem here. Details:

  • Community folder is empty
  • Developer mode is off (also happended several time while it was on)
  • What happens:
  • Started new flight from EDLP in parking position with A320, live weather but custom time, AI traffic, no other players
  • Entered all the stuff into MCDU
  • Take went well
  • Then, while in cruise few minutes later, it crashed to desktop. No error message or similar

AMD Ryzen 3900X
32 GiB RAM 3200 Mhz
Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 with latest drivers (461.40)
Windows 10 20H2 (no insider)

Same happend yesterday while trying out different versions of A32nx mod. And today, without that mod, another 3 crashes. :frowning: So basically it crashes after about 5-30 minutes - sometime not even finished to configure the FMC.
Before the update I did several flights that took about 1 hour. All without issues.

No bug has been filed, yet.


Why do they need more info? It’s not my fault, their program crashes.
I have 32 GB of RAM @stock
Nvidia 1080 GTX @stock driver version 461.40 but older versions crashes too.
Intel Core i7-8700K @stock
Samsung SSD
Windows 10 v2004 19041.804
Game is on ultra in window mode. Default planes.

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Man haven’t you read the hundreds of issues posted against the last update ? People have been flying for months and now after downloading the 25+5 GB update, its their fault or they don’t have the right hardware, if they have issues ? Give me a break.

What they are trying to do is to fly as usual, like as of Feb 15th, but cannot anymore because of poor performance and CTD. “how to reproduce the issue ?” Simply fly anywhere. This was not an update but a downgrade. Asobo must know by now that they screw up.


I have just received the very surprising reply from MSFS (see below) after submitting a ticket to the zendesk.

Amazed that they could send out this reply, given everything that is being written on the forums, both here and elsewhere.


Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator)

Feb 19, 2021, 15:53 GMT+1

Hi jeremy,

The latest update doesn’t modify the performance of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards.
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

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who is “they” ?

You wrote a post in a community forum and WE , the helping poeples of these community needs information to can give you hints. The final solution is made by developers and ONLY in case you report a ZenDesk Ticket they will know about.

In your case: is it possible to show us the whole errormessage from windows event log ? The 0x80000003 points often to not enought memory, and also users with “only” 32GIG need a fine virtual memory setting.

With the new update the memory consumption over e.g. London is much more increased ( >25GIG, but commited +10 more ).
Possible we can see bit more with full error message.

this sentence is with each update from the users which are affected from a CTD the same…

I not have CTD… therfore we try to find out what’s wrong in e.g. your case ( wiht might be issue at your system or a special case which result in a app-bug ).

Seriously? How on hell should they find the cause if you don’t assist them? Do you do the same when calling car service?

Hey guys my Ford does some weired sound when starting, why? No, I cannot drive to your service station, it’s not my fault!!! Fix it now but without visiting me, nor having a look at my car.

PCs are beasts when it comes to compatibility issues. There is so many different hardware and combinations of them, driver versions, windows versions, other software running. It’s a mess to get something running on all possible configurations, that is more complex than Minesweeper. :wink:

Have a look at that general CTD guide for FS2020:

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thanks for adding basic infos :slight_smile:

One important info we need:

  • are the CTD new ( since ) or you noticed also former CTD ?

Since is the pagefile important. But normaly 32GIG should work ( but, e.g. in London my whole system load was by around 40GiG usage ).

If we assume it is fine in your case, and the CTD are not “new”, then possible lots if hint from the big CTD thread will help, eg.

  • try disable memory xmp mode
  • try another /older nvidia drivers
  • etc.
    But it depends a bit on the error message which is logged withtin the windows event viewer.

I’am also not 100% sure, whether the A320 is realy free of bugs :wink:

PS.: and don’t forget. We assume no installed mods. A lot of these cause issues, in special after new update.

EDIT: added link

Blame the customer not the company?! Is that your mindset?

32 GB is not enough for a game? Are you kidding me?
But I can reassure you, the game crashes at about 25 GB of RAM usage.

With “they” I mean the guys that are gathering feedback and sending it to the important people. And CTDs are a common bug since the beginning.

The talk about the pagefile is total nonsense.


I will it repeat for you:

we , the community, try to find solutions or workarounds within the #bugs-and-issues category. If you want to start a general discussion, we have #community:general-discussion-feedback category.

And this mean, I not blame anyone. I try to help you.

And because of your question:

in my case can MSFS comsume a lot more, I own 64GIG RAM.
But of course, an application should run without a crash ( but possible low details ) with the given minimum specs and this is 8GIG.

then, we now that you not looking for help.

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How about some assistance then from ‘competent’ people?
The combined expertise on this forum FAR exceeds any knowledge you may possess that qualifies you to judge the competency of those people kind enough to try to deflect your wrath and try to get you flying.

I, on the other hand, will simplify the process for you…

IF you would like some assistance solving the problem that has stirred your ire, then I suggest trying some of the suggestions that HAVE solved this very problem for others. Do NOT abuse the people that have been helping others on this forum for months, entirely as samaritans.
When asked for some information, simply provide it. When troubleshooting remotely it is the only way to work through a problem.

The alternative. Hang up your joystick. Expect your rants to be flagged. Report your Zendesk Ticket and wait.

There are plenty of other users that have asked for help that Micha ( @MichaMMA ) and the other fine folks volunteering their time could be spending time on that actually came here looking for answers, not just a place to direct their anger.

Your choice.

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