Crash to desktop without error message

- System

|||- Provider

[ Name] Application Error

|||- EventID 1000

[ Qualifiers] 0

Version 0

Level 2

Task 100

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x80000000000000

|||- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2021-08-03T06:52:33.3874820Z

EventRecordID 61397


|||- Execution

[ ProcessID] 0

[ ThreadID] 0

Channel Application



- EventData












to add on. only mods i had installed was the livery megapack. nothing else. I have cleared the community folder now

Since SU5 this thing crashes more than my 8 year old on his bike.


frist time for me in mid flight between Malta and Singapore 2 hours in. What i am finding strange is i have to download 29 GB upon restarting the Sim. I know im not the only one who had this though at least but it is puzzling

the info from windows event viewer “general” Tab is sufficent info and less text :slight_smile:

some users, but so far I remember often MS-Store users, reported about re-dowanloads. Was the setting about the install folder correct or does the installer forget your “D:\xxxx” path ?
Is you D: drive an “external” drive ?

Setting was perfectly correct, it remembered the folders location and this is the Steam Edition. D Drive Internal, i never install games etc on external drives always internal

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Just a reminder that there are official tips about avoiding CTD’s here in this forum. Some may now be out of date. See link below…

I stop Windows Explorer when running my simulator. I use Razor Game Booster to close down a number of background processes too before launching the simulator. Using this method with Razor, it’s easy to close Windows Explorer. I noted that this is suggested as one of the tips for avoiding CTD’s.

I always close Windows ‘SearchApp.exe’ which can lead to high CPU usage. WARNING If you do not re-enable it you will loose your search window on Task Bar. It’s fine to disable this while gaming. I do not normally link to game booster’s however, at the moment I find this tool very useful especially for it’s extra features. Of course, make sure your anti-virus is set-up to exclude all the important MSFS folders, (they may not be all on one drive!).

Anyway, If you have not read this closed thread then please do.


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Thanks but i have followed all that already and also use Razor Game booster. Like i said in my first comment. windows is fully up to date as are my GPU drivers. One point of interest is that is seems to be more prevailent amongst us who use Nvidia cards…I myself running an RTX 2070. Wonder if thats a common factor ?

If they dont start fixing things, looks like ill have to go back to FSX until they actually do something. :frowning:

drivers for GPU are one of the big thing in forum… Nvidia and AMD. You can check to install a former version of gpu driver, there are realy good threads about in forum.


sounds not like a reason for panik :slight_smile:

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I have noticed too, that Nvidia GPU users are predominately having problems and I think it might be related specific, (later) cards. We might even get an optimised or hot-fix driver, (perhaps) for the new simulator.



im not panicking but why when i restarted the game did i have to download 29 GB when it was already fully updated ? from what i can tell the redownload was airports and airplanes no scenery

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i have no answer :relaxed: … I have a guess, that a config file goes corrupt while crash, but it’s a big guess. About these “re downloading” there are also existing topics. May be you can check whether a user find allready a reason ( I fear not ).

I not assume that you have to redownload each time a ctd will happen.

hope you are right. They need to look into this and thanks for trying to assist. :slight_smile:


lol i hope not, to install the update took 3 days. Maybe it happened because i verified files in Steam ? But Steam said everything was ok…


My first PC only had a 6GB drive!

I hold Orville and Wilbur responsible, they set in motion the events that has lead to this back in 1903! :laughing:
I wonder what they would think, if they saw where we are now…


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lol Charles. My First pc was a 386sx with 1 MB Ram xDD A far cry from the 32GB Monster i have today lol

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I remember the BBC Micro computer which had a wire-frame spitfire simulator software you could buy. We marvelled at the time how amazing it was as we sat in front of our boxy TV’s in the lounge pressing keys on our BBC Micro computer to control it!. And that does not seem that long ago! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



you done it ? :rofl: … this caused a full redownload, yes :joy:

EDIT: we have here a topic for voting about these “not nice stream integration” : Steam - Verify Integrity of Game Files Deletes All Content

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i remember that too Charles lol. :slight_smile:

Best Regards

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I did but it said everything was fine!! lolol

Michal in all my years on Steam i never knew it did that when you verify files. Thankyou for posting that.

Kind regards