Discussion: March 4th, 2021 Development Update

I just noticed that the relevant thread is also closed and moved to the Resolved Bugs section, not allowing for further discussion. This looks somewhat worrying indeed. @Jummivana Could you please take a look at this? Thanks.

It could be, but I’m not sure if they’ve said how deep they want to go with these default systems, especially now that they’re endorsing the community mods. I guess we’ll know more in the next Q&A.


Yes @Jummivana can you please acknowledge this issue, and please open back up the discussion so those experiencing the issue can potentially help each other out with mitigating it. It would really put many of us at ease to know Asobo hasn’t brushed off the issue, and it would be meaningful for it to be addressed again so us customers can know our concerns are actually being heard.


Where did you see Tuesday?

I can only see in their web friendly roadmap that its set for the 11th

Last week’s roadmap says that it’s coming on the 9th.

I think that if it were delayed then an announcement would be made in today’s update, so it’s probably just a small omission from the web-friendly roadmap.

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I see the hotfix corrected photogrammetry in the UK, but has now sporadically removed PG from all over the world. Denver is a big one for me. There are also now trees all over FSDreamTeam Chicago and FlightBeam Denver.

Why on Earth can they not just fix a bug without introducing new ones?? I’m tired of waiting for patches and fixes to fix patches and fixes that then need a patch and a fix and a workaround!



Where are these “wishes” coming from?

Screenshot of the VR bugs and issue 04MAR21 vs feedback snapshot VR

For example I can see this one in the list and I’m glad because it is paramount:

[BUG/FEATURE] Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR (217 votes)

TL;DR: The entire chain of IPD/ICD projection matrices must be cross checked with at least WMR OpenXR and SteamVR OpenXR drivers (the 2 most used) in addition to offering a user adjustable override (scale + bias factors).

But I don’t understand Martial’s answer about the “Brightness Slider”. I’m not certain he was joking or seriously not considering this an “important” feature. In my opinion (biased opinion being a developer too), what we really need in VR is not a “brightness” slider but something different:

[BUG/FEATURE] Implement a metering system better suited for VR (73 votes)

TL;DR: The Shader code behind the EyeAdaptation setting is fine in 2D but wrong in VR because of the difference between moving the head and moving the eyes.

Or maybe what is listed as a “brightness slider” in the snapshot is in fact the following, but in this case, it paramount to understand the community doesn’t want a brightness slider (well at least this is not what is voted for below).

Rather, they want a tone mapping scaler (gamma/white clipping), a color LUT adjustment in order to change the color space with similar values as XR_FB_color_space (Chromacity Primaries in CIE 1931 xy), and all the other “post processing” settings you’d find in UserCfg.opt being adjustable in the UI:

[BUG/FEATURE] Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR (127 votes)

TL;DR: Not all headsets gamut is the same and we need Tone Mapping Gama Slider + Tone Mapping Brightness Slider at a minimum (and more details in the topic)

And what about this one:

[BUG/FEATURE] FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is (108 votes)

TL;DR: Nausea inducing and actually preventing a lot of customers flying in FS2020 in VR

And this one which is important for flying airliners or the future G3000/1000 improvements in VR:

[BUG/FEATURE] EFIS Screens Problems and Solutions for higher legibility (68 votes)

TL;DR: solutions for rendering EFIS screens with high resolution even if you don’t have a G2 and a 3090.

Or this one which is important in multi-player VR:

[BUG] Increase distance threshold to see other aircraft navigation and strobe lights at night (54 votes)

TL;DR: Bug where no other aircraft lights are displaying beyond about 5nm making an empty sky

PS: These VR topics I’ve listed above are prefixed with [BUG/FEATURE] because they are not only reporting a problem but they are also offering solutions which are readily implementable with minimal effort and time (all things considered of course).

This is at least the 3rd time the “Feedback Snapshot VR” is presenting the same items, but these are again not representative of the actual community votes as shown above.

Please note we’re still waiting for a proper VR Wishlist forum. Therefore many VR only wishlist items are listed only in the VR Bug forum instead. Therefore the snapshot is making me wondering:

  • Where were these items in the snapshot taken from?

  • Why is it the snapshot is containing entries with far less votes that those in the VR Bugs forum I’m showing above?

  • What about all the other wishlist requests listed in the VR Bugs forum?

Thank you for your hard work!

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So has anyone figured out what the other supposedly released aircraft are? We are two short.

It’s slated for the 11th of March: Development Roadmap - Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Regarding the pixilated clouds they have already said they will not be fully fixed until DX12. Until then they have reverted some of the changes they made (sharpening I think) that made it much worse. So it is kind of fixed and can’t really be improved on - until DX12.

If they don’t draw a line somewhere this list is going to become pretty unmanageable soon enough since there will always be someone not satisfied with a fix.

You may have the answer right there in your comment. “Earth”. Games usually simulate a virtual fake world so it can be anything but when you are trying to simulate the Earth exactly as it is then there always will be imperfections.

Something can always break when changing something as complicated as world rendering. How will QA know that every square kilometer of the planet is still like real life including with the hundreds of scenery addons thrown in?

Understand the frustration but this is likely something that needs to be put up with in a 60 bucks game.

Development updates are frustrating to read, since they don’t really present a great deal of ‘this is whats in this update’ and are more geared towards this and every possible future update, how many things are in the market place and 10+ screenshots to sell me a game I already own.

Is there a list somewhere of whats updated in this release?

Not a big screenshot of what the wishes are and timelines of when they will be released, but more so a changelog of this update? So far all I can tell is the following 3 things are fixed:

Live weather
Glowing aircraft

Is this correct?


Development updates are merely telling us what progress has been made in a number of different areas. Sim updates actually make changes to the sim and come with release notes.

These two types of updates are completely different.

I keep reading this over and over, where exactly did they say that? I only remember an early Feedback Snapshot saying that the grainy reflections will be fixed with DirectX 12, but later they backtracked on that, and in the latest Q&A they suggested that ray-tracing will be the true fix for the grainy reflections and shadows. But I haven’t heard them say anything about clouds and DirectX 12.

The sharpening filter was not tweaked, however the TAA method seems to be reverted back to the one we had before Update #5. This was probably the cause of the grainier clouds, but sadly they are avoiding being too specific in patch notes.

Along with your list, autopilot and aerodynamics improvements, as well as contrails.

I remember being told in a live Q/A that incorrect ATIS readouts will be fixed in sim update 3 as well. He responded directly to my question that was read out. He was a bit abrupt and just said “it’s coming, in sim update 3”. There is now no mention of that. Still a major bug in my view.


Fingers crossed this will be covered by their work fixing ‘Live Weather and Wind Readings Not Accurate’. There will be a lot more than 3 items on the change log when it’s released.

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Why can’t a development update, informing us that a sim update is very shortly inbound (the changes of which would be finalised or undergoing testing), openly shed some light on its content without having to dig through images of forum topics?


I’m really not sure this is the case at all. The TAA algorithm should have nothing to do with noise in clouds. Noise was most likely due to clipping some values when path tracing the occluders or just noise due to path tracing sampling errors in my opinion.

Not just clouds are affected with this type of noise and as a matter of fact, I did fly the G36 yesterday facing a rising sun and there was black speckles on the fuselage over the engine. You can see the same type of sampling error noise with shadows inside the cockpit from time to time as well.

In general I can relate the noise to anything in their code which is spreading computation over multiple frames (this saves computation time per frame but introduces noise until all frames are sampled)

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The community still has no idea what (hopefully) the next week’s sim update will be all about ! Dev updates should at least clearly list the outstanding issues to be updated in the next run instead of just releasing the latest version of the bugs and wishes voting tables.


The same ‘speck’ noise also occurs above and below your aircraft as you move the camera up and down in drone view, with tiny black particles scatter all around the aircraft. Some shadows and reflections as in the bridges are also affected badly and this has been so since the beginning.