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Did you get the additional 1Gb from the store?

This issue UI freeze in Content Manager is not new, I did notice it already after the last UK upgrade
But here with those 30 livery packages to upgrade, it is really painful

There’s a thread with a vote button here
Could please add your vote if you are impacted:
Content Manager Freezes - Bugs & Issues / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

And I open a Zendesk ticket, as it is 100% reproducible on my end

This sim update have broken the most essential mod for MSFS : the vegetation draw distance fix!

This mod was making the trees draw distance acceptable and actually barely noticeable in MSFS at almost no fps cost, now we are back to this ridiculous low draw distance, even in ultra!
This is the worse flaw in MSFS, I really hope this can soon be fixed, or that ASOBO let the moders knows how to fix it.
At this moment, I don’t even understand why the developpers are letting this in this state!
Please can you stop to make forced update? We should be able to chose as each update break things one could prefer not to…


You’re lucky. I had 11Mb/s on a 50Mb/s, took hours.

What’s on your list of broken things?


Almost 1000 replays in this topic in 2nd day after release patch means there is some serious issues with a game. When we can expect same statement from Devs about FPS drops. Hotfix really needed asap


You know that writing here take less than 10 seconds?

I updated fine this morning no problems on that part, The only issue i have now is the A320 does not follow my flight plan as soon as i activate AP

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I’ve had that similar issue yesterday during a testflight in the g1000 cessna 172 flying around KSFO at 2000ft.

Am I the only one who has absolutely no issue with this update?
Update downloaded an installed fine, runs stable, no CTDs, no FPS drop, if anything a slight increase in FPS inside glass cockpits.


Its all runing fine for me apart from the prob i stated above

I did have the stuttering that others have reported, where FPS is greatly impacted. They seemed to suggest that it was okay for a bit, then bad, then recovered.

I found it was more like the location was affected, where one side of an airport seemed stuttery, and the other did not. And not a busy airport, but a small UK airbase.


same for me! perfect update!


Same, mine has started doing circles around the departure airport and then just seems to go and do whatever it wants.

What is this -

  • Load and Save Flight using the FlowFlightManager.

What is FlowFlightManager?

No issues for me also …

I think you are suffering from a severe bout of ‘lowered expectation syndrome’ brought about by the unfathomably slow response from Asobo. The glass cockpits need to function properly, it’s a cornerstone that the whole thing stands on! Why should they not function correctly? The modding community seems to be able to address the issues, why not the developer? Fewer FSX liveries and more functionality for the Garmins please. It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


Great sentence :rofl: And agree!

I was using the in Sim flight planing Iv since tested it out using SimBrief then inporting that so far seems to be fine mate