DLSS similar to TAA or slightly less FPS on my system


With the DLSS / Quality options, it seems on my system (see specs in my profile), it does not make a big difference in performance. I noticed even TAA has a slight advantage somtimes.

Not mentioning that the aircraft displays (numbers, lines etc) are softer or slightly blurred with DLSS considering the purpose of this tech…

I was wondering if anyone with similar specs to mine, noticed the same thing?



Don’t know what your specs are, but it sounds like you’re probably limited on the main thread (CPU-bound), which is fairly common. You can check by turning on dev mode and using the fps display option.

Blurriness and ghosting was reported during beta, there’s been rumors they may eventually do some kind of masking to improve it.

See thread:

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Sure, thanks for the info

These are my specs

I think I am limited by the main thread yes

3090? Yeah you don’t need DLSS unless you’re driving MSFS on several 4K monitors at once. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I guess I do not need DLSS but was just curious and with TAA I am getting these with Ultra settings all the way but HD (my TV is my monitor for now)


Exactly same for me, DLSS doesn’t mean best performance at this point

Same, kinda expected it tho, i upgraded from a 2060 to a 3080 and i did get more fps at higher settings but still running in the 40 to 50 range, lower in big cities like New York and LA. DLSS made not difference in my fps, at this point we need more raw cpu power, more GHz, more cores wont help, im running a 3900x with 12 cores at 4.5GHz

DLSS won’t do a thing other than make your screen blurry, if you’re not GPU limited.

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I have the same pc specs as you. On monitor I have 115fps and in my pimax 48fps so somethings up with your settings I think,

Hi, tested yesterday (rtx3080 ti) with the citation longitude. Had to change to TAA again due to the low resolution inside the cockpit. Really low res in the pfd and mfd.


Same, it was not as clear on my I9 12 gen processor and RTX 3080TI. went back to TAA which looks sharper in SU10 to me…

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For this to see just tick on his profile and you can see his specs.

It does, actually benefit one screen at 4K.

I run native at 4K but DLSS at max, internally renders at 2K, upscaling to 4K … so it looks the same… it’s more sharp than TAA… and gives me a 20 percent boost.

(Using DX11 currently.)


Check the below video for comparisons of all combinations with DX11/12 and TAA/DLSS quality settings.

It depends on how you define performance. I noticed a sizable drop in GPU load with DLSS enabled over having TAA enabled. GPU went from 70% GPU utilisation (SU9) to 85% GPU utilisation (SU10, TAA) to 56% GPU utilisation (SU10, DLSS), this was all at 4K output & DX11. I’d equate that to a performance increase with it. So much so that I’m going to keep using it. Note: I don’t measure FPS as a performance metric as I lock my system at 30FPS/60Hz. If you are CPU limited then you may not notice improvement as CPU limited situations create their own set of problems that need to be addressed before assessing DLSS performance.

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This. Finally see sharp runways textures that were formerly blurry. One setting changed was TAA → DLSS “Balanced”. Also a slight FPS bump.

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I run DX11 4K Ultra (TLOD 300) with TAA. I tried DLSS Quality on my 3080 and it helped with frames in the air (45 to 55fps) but no difference on the ground. Seemed a little blurrier, went back to TAA.

Im not seeing a significant difference as well, but continually learn from others.

Question… When I activated DLSS to explore impact, I then see DLSS version info & more permanently displayed in the lower left corner of MSFS; Anyone else have this? Trying to figure out how to remove. Hopefully something simple I am overlooking. Thanks!!

These are my graphic settings (I have a 400mbps Internet connection)