DX12 Issues - Weird Graphics Glitches, Stutters in Panning

I’m not sure I’m following you here. Your graphics card doesn’t necessarily determine if you’re GPU or CPU limited in MSFS. You can crank up terrain LOD to 400 with a 3090 and still be CPU limited.

What I’m trying to understand is the connection you made between removing DX12 memory optimizations and reduced performance in SU10

I know pretty much that the GPU doesn’t tell anything about if GPU limited or not and that’s not even what I said. It’s just more likely to get GPU limited if you use a RTX2 series card instead of a RTX3 series card.
And I am GPU limited as I tuned my settings to be so (I’m not pushing the Mainthread to the limit, I left headroom so the GPU and other components can perform as good as possible)

Because DX11 memory management and DX12 memory management are different approaches. It’s called “optimizations” for a reason…

Moving to DX12 involves doing proper synchronization and management of memory residency. Managing memory residency means even more synchronization must be done. ← if that’s not done the application runs inefficient.

Anyway, as that’s the bug section over here I guess I’ll let the topic going back on track now with the official article and this one by Nvidia:

As it’s unknown which optimizations were deactivated my guess is that most related to memory handling currently is reverted to the DX11 way - which does not play well with DX12.

DX12 requires explicit memory management as opposed to DX11 handled largely at the API level. You seem to be implying the move to remove DX12 memory optimizations have resulted in poor performance in the latest beta update - what evidence of this exists? Poor performance after the initial beta version was already reported in update, well before this latest patch. The poor performance dominating the topics in the beta forums can’t be exclusively from the removal of DX12 memory optimizations.

Somehow you seem to turn in circles - I can’t speak for others but in my case performance was better than on SU9 DX11 or DX12 on the first beta update of SU10 than it’s now with not that curtail changes on other performance related fields.

Especially on panning (see topics title) it’s now back on SU9 level to me which was butter on both and in my case.

I also did not a single time state that this may be the only, exclusive or in any way ultimate cause on any performance related issue for every user out here but it seems to be the case in my case.

As most people are anyway limited by the main thread this may not be noticed by many.

Thank you for clarifying. I’m not intending to run in circles, I’m only trying to get clarification of this quote:

Besides your own experience, are there others reporting significant performance losses due to removing DX12 memory optimizations? This is perhaps an over-generalized statement, but it seems the general consensus of the latest .13 update is continued reduced performance already reported in update .11.

Aren’t we all forgetting that DX12 for MSFS is itself still in beta.

Hello, since beta 3,
I lost an average of 20 fps and I have a lot of slowdowns. With version 2 I didn’t have that.

@SeedyL3205 Can you clarify if DirectX 12 (DX12) memory optimization is turned back on in SU10 Beta released today? (it was turned off in a previous version while issues were being investigated.) The release notes only say “memory optimization” - but is this DX12, or no?



I had a strange experiance with DX12, It started changing the textures on airport aprons, taxiways to a strange green or purple (seen it before, but was usually down to some addon) This happens with an empty Community folder.
Resolution, roll back to DX11. and everythings fine. So whilst switching to DX12 gave good performance boost, it still has issues. (PC Specs AMD Ryzen 7 5800x3d CPU, Radeon 6800 16 gb GPU, 32 gb DDR4, Msi X570 Pro M / Board.

According to the dev q&a last week, Nvidia has to fix something, too, on their end so many assume an nvidia driver update will be needed. I think once that occurs, we’d see DX12 improvements back to “normal” from SU10 beta 1.

I’m not that optimistic. The poor DX12 performance started on beta 2, before they even removed the DX12 memory optimizations on beta 3. I suppose the DX12 memory optimization is just another uncertainty, but we’ll see how it plays out. I think at this point, it most likely it will be a SU11 target.

running 5.3.0 (if you mean reshade.me), 516.93 nvidia drivers, DX12, DLSS, no crash at start up here

Same, I solved that ages ago. Thanks anyway.

Also posted a solution recently @ NVidia's GEForce Experience degrades graphics performance - #24 by Sonicviz

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