Early access to Public beta is out

No, we can’t unfortunately

Instructions are in Thursdays development update. Last group of beta testers have early access, everyone else can get it on Monday if they want (its entirely optional)

If the weather is fixed in the beta please Asobo bring it to our consoles and pc as soon as possible because it’s awful at present on xbox series X.

How are the VR controller changes mentioned in the Dev update?

What? Steam users won’t be able to try the public Beta? Are you sure? I saw the word Steam in the statement.

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Details in the dev blog here:


Oh, ME Me Me Me ME

Can I answer that one, I think I know the answer.

X-BOX = BIG YES !!! :grinning: :+1:

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a public testing opportunity for anyone who owns the sim through the Microsoft Store (PC) or Xbox.


Nice edit! :grin:

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Makes TWO of us who did not read the announcement, before opening our big mouths !!!

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yes i am in the beta now in my xbox since yesterday

i received an email with instructions about noon

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How is it on Xbox so far?

Is the color banding gone? I would love to see some screenshots

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Not seen any banding yet - sorry but I don’t do screenshots :cry:


I noticed a lot of the beta update (build they call it) was RENO.

So I have been flying RENO and it is still fun. Not getting smoked as bad but still got lapped by the AI in T-6.

Then I saw the comment about weather, so I am trying that now. Still a lot of Haze, they call it, in KSAN or someone is smoking at the airport.

oh the RENO announcer doesn’t yell at me about being “TOO HIGH,” as much.

AI not moving


Anyone in beta with VR can confirm the toolbar works with the mouse? I don’t trust the patch notes until it’s 100% confirmed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Has cloud base height been resolved, ie the AGL MSL issue?


That sounds more like the NVide driver bug.

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Thanks :sweat_smile: but how do I do it? I read the article but I never seen an insider app on my xbox :upside_down_face:

Agreed. I will try to rollback to an earlier version.