Early access to Public beta is out

I don’t know I’m just the messenger :wink:

goto the store and get the app

then goto the app

Preview-You will see the Beta there on Monday.

Sign Up…

Keep in mind, in between the time you sign up and the time you get the Beta.

The Sim may not work for you.

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No worries. I wasn’t directing the statement to you, but MSAsobo in general, especially those that decide how much of their “resources” ($) is spent on “resources” (servers). :slight_smile:

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It seems to me that there is 0 Beta Testers in VR these days or this bug would of been picked up on SU7 Beta

It was picked up, it was in the release notes for SU7 as a Known issue…which actually makes it worse!

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Well if that was a know issue Pre update 7 then thats madness that is was not sorted even with a quick hotfix

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Also is the color banding fix included ?


Lets hope this fixes the weather system to when you start a game, 30 seconds later it magically flips to a different weather forecast.


Im just wondering what will break after this update comes out

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In 21st century Corporate-Speak, “resources” never means hardware. It means people and working hours to accomplish some new task. So in this case, it almost certainly means people and hours to coordinate and work any issues involved.

And since it’s close the end of the calendar year, getting new resources assigned to expand the scope of a task (e.g., public beta testing) isn’t likely to happen for both budgetary and human resources reasons.

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I’m sure you’re right. Before I retired I worked for a big corporation, but their mentality was stuck in the 1800’s (the old boy network) so “resources” meant hardware. I get your point, but I still can’t get past the thought that we’re all having daily problems due to a lack of “server” resources. Obviously I could be wrong, but who knows for sure.

Resources = Man Power / Persson Days working on a Project (since late 1980er :wink: )

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It was different for us. When new servers were needed, our review board would list the request as “Request for New Resources”. And every so often we would have to reboot our servers, and the outage was listed as “Reboot to Reclaim Resources”. As I said, it was an old company. Think transcontinental railroad. That was 2015.

Did this beta has any progress about mouse cursor disappearing issue and AAliasing - Shimmering related problems ?

Kind regards.

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Yes. The colour banding is listed as fixed in the patch notes received by the beta testers who have early access.
Asobo said they had found the fix for this already anyway, they were just waiting to release it at the next opportunity.


Yes. Is working now


No. This is public beta for the patch coming next week.

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OK, Cool, I’ll just wait … no way I am messing up what little is working already on my PC…

I am not against beta Testing, but there seems to be far more with more available time than I have.

Nvidia latest driver 497.09 installed?

Check here:

So this will be available in a patch next week for everyone, including Steam users?