EXTREMELY slow download speeds in content manager

We are considering here the problem of slow transfer of MSFS 2020, I am not interested in MSFS 2024 at the moment. Until recently, there was no problem with downloading. This also affects in-store purchases.


I’m wondering if you misunderstood the rest of the post, as all but the part you just mentioned is about MSFS2020.

The key sentence in there is:
However, we are committed to improving this aspect.

I hope this explains the entry a bit better!

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I had to make a clean install of WIN 11, msfs 2020 and a lot of utilities a few days ago because the sim did no longer start.
The download from steam of the basic sim of about 140GB , was “fast” and without any problems at all.
BUT the download speed of the content would have been unacceptable in the business world.
A slight remedy of our situation (until msfs 2024) could be done by MS/Asobo if they would give us a tool to batch download a list of contents with reconnect possibility. I had to attend every file I downloaded.
It took me days, - fulltime.

Looking forward to msfs 2024 !

Thanks, bye ,walter


Ok, I get it, so it’s a Network issue, and others (MS/Azure?) have to do their homework, and they are unable or reluctant.

Huh? So it isn’t the Network, it’s the client? But why does it behave differently in Bordeaux?

Maybe solving the problem starts with identifying and acknowledging the real cause.

While speeding up the process on the CLIENT side of things is welcome for sure, it most certainly won’t solve our problem if it is different between geographic areas, simply because it isn’t the cause then.


There have always been download speed issues as far as I remember. Some times are better than others, but it was always there.


Horrible 2.0 Mbits/s speed when re-installing MSFS on my new config… Some elements had gone to 400 Mbits/s but most of them are blocked at 2… Thank you again Asobo/Microsoft for a 1 day of download!!! I tried everything from Cmd line “netsh int tcp set” to google Dns to other things i could read on this forum… nothing working… Hey guys, are you amateurs!!!

My rig is a fresh newly installed Windows 11 (not updated, Installed ), MSI Z790 Tomahawk, i7-13700k, 64Gb Kingston SK Hynix Furry DDR5-6400CL32, 3Crucial Nvme CT2000-P5 2To + 1Crucial Nvme CT4000-P3 4To, MSI RTX4080 SuprimX, Triple Monitor Samsung 27", ReverbG2, Thrustmaster Warthog suite & Rudders. All drivers and firmwares updated. Internet 985Mbits/s Down and 840 Mbtis Up speeds.

So what’s wrong guys??? I’m just IRRITATED to have so many problems for each install or update… Please WAKE-UP !!!


Same issue. Intolerable for a game that came out almost 4 years ago… 2mb/s on a gigabyte connection… what can you ask from a GAME that is using a singe core ant still crashes during installation for some users.
BE SURE 2024 will fix everything for another 120$… GG Microsoft GG Asobo


And there have been no effects since the beginning of the existance of msfs

This aspect of the sim has been an issue since the very beginning and with the arrival of MSFS2024, it won’t improve at all.

When I’m reading stuff like throttling connections, and putting blame on the users, is appalling.

I’m currently trying to update World Updates but I’m stuck in a disconnect loop. MSFS keeps dropping packets or dropping the connection and ultimately flags the download as having failed.

Asobo should better be doing something about this, except being ignorant and blaming this on someone else.


I have the same problem not only in the content manager, but also with the general first game installation, but only after all 528 packages have been downloaded. A technician has checked everything, as well as my provider, and it turned out that my location and my line cannot be the reason.

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I agree, this is still a problem. I contacted MS support. The only help I got after 2 remote sessions, where they fiddled around, was to re-install Windows 11 in place. I did it but it didn’t help as I expected. I bought a fast PC and have fiber glas connection with excelent speed tests in the browser: 415 Mbit/s down and the update speed in Fsim drops to 1.5 Mbit/s. I experience this since I bought the premium deluxe version in 2020. It runs me crazy.
When will Microsoft fix that? Would be a nice Christmas present.
Merry Christmas, Detlef

Very slow download for me also here in Colorado. I have 1.2GB fiber. So it’s not my connection. This happened during the last major update too. I just have to leave my sim running and wait for hours for it to complete. But it did complete.

Holy moly, I feel for you. That is some horrific “support”. One can only wonder what those “tech support” employees fiddled around with in those remote sessions.

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Voted. On a PC it’s easy to do. But I should be able to do this on Xbox too. Just the world updates are another 90gbs or more.

Edit: oh jeez, just noticed it’s 5 months old. That means it’ll never get done haha.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Yes. I have a 150Mb/s Up/Down speed (tested). I always get 0.0-3.0Mb/s in Content Manager. :angry:

Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

I started a speed test during the download. The MSFS download actually went very fast during the test and a lttle while after the test. Does this help someone technical to find out why it’s so slow when I’m not testing? See att. ethernet traffic.

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

They are throttling the servers so they don’t crash, it’s not you it’s them and it’s been a problem since day 1.

I have the same problem. Technicians even came to my home and checked everything possible with the result that it must be due to Microsoft. Because the download is so incredibly slow, I can’t even download anything in the content manager because I often get the message that a download has failed. No solution has worked so far.