Flight plan disappears when toggling VR mode

Hi, for some reason the flight plan disappears when I toggle VR on or off. If I make the flight plan in regular view and change to VR, it disappears and I have to do it all over again and vice versa. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What plane you flying? If its the CJ4… and your using the Working Title CJ4 Mod Its not the VR… Its the CJ4 mod…

If its not that… then you can ignore me. If it is that mod, you need to go back to the Github page and read the instructions.

I can confirm the same experience when flying the A320nx mod by FlyByWire. However, in my observation the flight plan disappeared from the MCDU only after putting the VR headset on after toggling from 2D to VR mode. I found the same happens in reverse. In other words, the fault is a result of the two actions combined. I also observed that only the flight plan is being erased and not the a/c weight and performance settings. The headset I’m using in the Oculus Rift 2. I’ve yet to test whether the same fault occurs in other a/c.

Out of curiosity, was the flight plan initially entered from the World Map Flight Planner or through the MCDU itself?

In my particular case I’ve been importing flight plans directly into the MCDU using the SimBrief option recently added by FlyByWire to the MCDU. I’ve yet to see whether entering the same using the in-built FS2020 Flight Planner results in the same. This is a strange one, indeed. Why switching to VR should have any relevance to the entered flight plan is difficult to understand.

That’s exactly what I thought you’d say, I think this is related to another bug I just stumbled on. If you wouldn’t mind testing something else for me? Start any random VFR flight with the G1000 172, do a direct flight plan on the world map. Once in the aircraft,on the MFD display press the FPL key, then press the MENU key, it should have “DELETE FLIGHT PLAN” highlighted, press ENT. Now toggle VR, does the flight plan come back?

Basically my suspicion is that when you toggle VR, it’s doing this in the background as well

When the VFR Map Tooltip changes from an OFF to ON state, it resets the Flight plan to whatever was loaded at the start of the flight.

Ah… okay. I understand. I’ve done the test you suggested using the G1000 and sure enough, the flight plan reappears when moving from 2D to VR. In addition, the inputted plan remains completely stable no matter how many times you switch between 2D and VR.

Was just about to come here to see if anyone else was having the issue. Also used the Simbrief import. Guess its probably better to report it to the FBW team.

Negative, this appears to be related to code for the VFR Map ToolTip, it’s independent of aircraft.

Ok, made a post in the Bug forum, let’s get some votes going

Completed a couple more flights today and can confirm this issue has nothing to do with the aircraft but instead is, as Raynen has discovered, linked to the VFR Map tool. The workaround is simply to remove it from the toolbar menu using the settings option on the far right hand side. With the option switched off I’ve found the flight plan remains loaded regardless of VR toggle. Thank you Raynen!


That’s great news, I’ll update the post in the bug forum as well.

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I can confirm that removing the VFR map button from the toolbar has solved the issue for me in all aircraft.

Thank you very much to Raynen for working it out, and to everyone else who helped!

Can I encourage everyone who is experiencing this issue to file a report on Zendesk letting them know that while the issue manifests in activating VR it is actually an underlying issue with the VFR Map toggle?

The more of us that do this then the quicker there is likely to be a fix in a future build.

Thanks all!

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