Flysimware Cessna 414A

Same problem with VOR for me. Version 1.3.1 and PMS 750 with CDI in VLOC. HSI is ok but AP will not track. To have AP track a VOR radial you have to use APR. Then however you can’t change altitude anymore because as soon as you select VS the AP reverts to ROLL. Reported on their discord already. For me AP in APR is working correctly with LOC/GS.

Man you’re so quick generating these checklists. I’ve got loads of them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Just need to brush up on my German so I can watch your youtube videos :rofl:


after Patch 1.3 the mixture Lever dont work, especially the EGT dont low or rise you can fly in any Altittude with mixture ritch and the EGT dont change.

I think EGT gauge is still broken. And the Mixture is forced to be automatic, not sure if you should see the levers move in that setup.

Which altitudes did you expect the mixture to be leaned?

before 1.3 i start leaning at 4000ft, and i can climb to 25000ft with no Problems

I get a hint from Flysimware, that this Mod is a good workaround Mixture Behavior Mod for Turbo Arrow, Seneca V, and Turbo Bonanza

This was posted above quoting the patch notes and explains the change in mixture control.

Also for anyone interested I believe this is the best POH available for free C414A POH Pdf - Redcliffe Aero Club


What’s your experience with the download from Flysimware?
I’m trying to download the 1.3.1 fix for the 6th time now since yesterday and all previous 5 downloads failed eventually. Speeds are very variable, mostly in the kB / sec range. I’m from Europe if that makes any difference.

My download yesterday went fine, I think around 3MB/s. Europe as well, don’t think that matters a lot.

Do you have to uninstall the 414 before installing the hotfix, or leave the base model in place?

Just install the new version, no need to uninstall.

But speaking of uninstall, does anyone know how to turn off state saving?
It remembers the state of some items on the EFB, and I’d like to have an entirely clean start instead…

I don’t know how to turn it off, but I noticed that the fuel state is saved / restored as well. I agree it would be nice to be able to turn that off because it’s weird having half the plane’s state restored while the other half is reset.

3 MB/sec is a dream. I’m currently at 170 kB/sec…

Thanks. Wasn’t sure how to determine which version I have installed.

+1 on the POH. I’m using that one as well. They also have one for the C310 by the way :wink:

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You should see it in the Content Manager ingame.

Yeah, that doesn’t bother me that much since I anyway need to fuel for every flight. But starting without chocks etc. just because I didn’t manage to finish the last flight is a bit annoying.

APPS/FEATURES shows hotfix 1.31 installed. but MSFS Add-ons Linker and Content Manager show 1.30? Json not updated maybe?

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Seems like this is now a known issue according to hotfix 1.3.2 patch notes:

  1. NOTE: VLOC NAV mode we found is not working in the PMS50 GTN750 and reported this as the TDS GTN75 works.

Sounds like this needs to be fixed by PMS50 judging from the wording of this release notes item.

Further patch notes:

  1. Major engine performace update. Fixed high altitude loss of power.

  2. Updated specifications from hangar.

  3. Type name updated from 414A to 414AW.

I guess I’ll skip a few updates since downloading the huge package every time for a handful of changes is quite annoying.

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Asked on the PMS discord. According to PMS50 it is not on their side. So waiting for another (hot)fix from FSW.

I wish the dev kept the option for the dirty windshield, I liked it. Tired of all the brand new super clean aircraft look in fs

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Yes, if you read their installation instructions, they say to first uninstall the previous version using the control panel of windows!

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