[Freeware] EDDS Stuttgart Airport Work in Progress (Missing Airport) Community Project

Regarding to TV and Radio Tower.
Unfortunately im pretty much in real business now (which im glad about during corona). So my goal is the coming weekend 26th, 27th of September to finish at least the TV Tower for ya. Maybe im able to finish the radio tower too.

But then, there’s a lot of rework, work and enhancements of the actual project EDDS to do. So please be patient. :slight_smile:
I do my very best.

Best regards

3D Artists are very very welcome to our project. Help us to get this done in short time.
It’s a lot of work.

For those of you that hates blender. I do as well. I work with C4D. Blender is only for exporting to FS. So don’t be afraid. We’ll help you to get it to blender and to MS


Have a question about the SID and STARS around EDDS. For now i dont have anyone in my MCDU. Will Microsoft add them to the game or when can we use them for flight planning.

Besides i want to say that you make a really good Job and im really excited to see my Home Airport.
Thanks 4 that

We do not see Microsoft adding these in the future. However, part of our team is working on those, and some approaches, for instance, have already been implemented. Stay tuned for updates

As it says: “The models are taken from google maps and converted with blender.”

Unfortunately this violates the rules of google maps (in other words, it’s illegal)

So we go on with our landmarks. But the google map scenery looks good though. We can’t use it for that reasons.


Ahhh ok, got it - didn’t know that.

Maybe there is hope that we get help from Asobo someday :wink:

help from asobo can only be expected in the form of a paid DLC in my opinion, i do not think they will manually model the airport for free and automatic modelling is not possible, since the airfield is blurred in bing maps

May in the Guys form Bing maps revise the Date from the Stuttgart region in the Future. Microsoft announced, that the will update the Data frequently (Including Satellite Images and Photogrametry Data). There is no real reason for the blurred out Images by Law, so they can add the airport automatically if there have the Data. Im am really Shure that this will happened at some time. But at the moment I think they have enough to do with the other things.

Guys, please stopp posting ilegal google portations in our posting.
We DO NOT use google portations and we distance us from all postings here with pictures from google portations.

This guys are not working with us on the official EDDS Scenery Team.

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Guys, I installed this on STEAM. I did exactly what you described with the gravity-edds folder but still the airport is NOT installed. Do I need to tell the MSFS 2020 somewhere to load it? What am I doing wrong?

please show us the folder inside your community folder and its contents for further review

I am too stupid to add a screenshot. How does it work here? Do I need to be registered?

(tried copy-paste)

MSFS EDDS Airport Version 0.1b hotfix release:

Download: https://github.com/gravity-EDDS/EDDS-freeware-releases
Changelog: https://github.com/gravity-EDDS/EDDS-freeware-releases/releases/tag/0.1b

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Small Preview for version 0.2


Looks great. Thanks for your effort

looks good!
I noticed on screenshot 4 that you’re using painted lines for the parking spots?
On “Scenery” if you search for “car” one of the bottom ones is parking spot lines that aren’t as “thick”

Yes, but they’re not in the right size/constitute for this area

ahh that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hi, me again.
See post above. I did copy the files as mentioned. Tried again with the 01b files. Didn´t work.

In case you were an Alpha Tester, maybe you copied the files into the remaining Community folder of your Alpha Install - is that possible?