Frequent Flyer Miles Achivment?

I’ve been trying to move forward in the Fly all planes in a 300 miles or longer flight, but I have been stuck at 20% for weeks despite having flown three new planes more than 300 miles, so far i have flown Beech Baron, King Air, Bonanza, TBM, Cessna 152 and Cessna 172, and the DA62 on flights more than 300 miles, and only been credited for four of the flights.

On the plus side, I was credited with the pushback accomplishment today, despite not getting a pushback on my flight.

I think the achievements need a bit of work. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Got the Frequent Flyer done using an A320. Autopilot all the way with an ILS landing. I set payload to 0% and fuel to 100%. Used the Repair and Refuel command when over Greenland. Achievement popped up as I was taxying. Even let the Co-pilot to do all comms and taxying to gate.

what the …

As you can see in the logbook, it didn’t detect your takeoff. Not sure why.

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Thank you. Iam blind. But idk why msfs didn’t detect my take-off.
Maybe ATC clearance is needed before take-off?

Yes in IFR with liners, the game require ATC clearance for take-ff and landing in order to detect it.

You also should take-off from the runway the ATC asked. In Chengdu Shuangliu I often take-off from a runway ATC will never ask me to go, because in real life the airport only use this runway for take-off. So I have some take-off not registered in my logbook, all at this airport (ZUUU runway 02L, I have never been able to take-off from there when loading from the parking…).

Maybe it is because you pushed Escape during the Flight.
I had the same problem and i am very upset with it…

I requested the Take off Clearence but i havent unlocked the Achivement

Just completed the tripy from LFBD airport near Asobo Studio to KSEA airport near Microsoft HQ with the Boeing & didnt get the steam achievement either.

I’m not sure why this is,but it seems like after loading a save ,the stuff you did before that safe didn’t happen & it instructs you to fly all the way back from where you started.Tried to complete it again in another attempt to unlock the achievement.Alas :cry:

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I didnt get the achievement either. Take off and landing are detected.
Hit [ESC] just once, during taxiing to take off.
For the Rest of the flight pushed the sim-rate.

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I tried to complete this achievment and for the second try the game crashed before the landing. It is like Microsoft: “try to to this, but you have no chance, because We Are The Microsoft…”


I have the same problem, I flew on the HD 787-10 (real time ~10 hs flight)
achievement did not unlock

Trying this now using the a320 with a mid air refueling. From the world map I only selected a departure and used sim brief for the flight plan.

After reading these I am skeptical if I will get the achievement.

I got the achievement using a Dark Star on unlimited fuel.

If you want to retain your sanity, make any subsequent attempts in that ride because you’ll lose only a hour of real life.

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I probably will. I did not get the achievement after landing. I’m honestly surprised the sim didn’t crash.

I second this, but I would add that this worked for me without using unlimited fuel.

I think maybe the fuel calculations (e.g. the range radius shown on the world map) don’t work the same with the scramjets; starting with full tanks at LFBD, I had planned to do a notional aerial refueling near Greenland, including descending and slowing down to what would seem reasonable for a tanker aircraft, but it turned out that I had plenty of fuel by the time I got to Greenland to just continue all the way to KSEA.

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Love the dedication. This sounds way more professional than cheated.

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Ok, so I tried to complete it with Darkstar despite typical microsoft errors like crash before landing and more stupid errors typical for this trash company. First time, the crash was the loose of control and loose of navigation (Everything was just erased). Typical for this mission is bugged ATC which I was complaining last year (It is really nice when you are in the altitude 0900 and the ATC is still complayining that you must DESCENT to 2200 and you just want altitude 1200…) Still broken ATC, still broken achievement, still broken game…

I tried it in 747, by the time it got to Washington area, the aircraft was doing a slide show in frame rates, and the plane was uncontrollable at the end and crashed, then sim did CTD.

Cooking my graphics card for no reason for multiple hours…

Darkstar sounds like an idea, however I have never flown any of that maverick add on stuff… Maybe I need to fly it…

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