FSDreamTeam GSX for MSFS

Now with the stock A320 in EIDW

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “.\common\fsm.py”, line 73, in executeDoFuncToCompletion
File “.\GSX\assistanceServices_init_.py”, line 1833, in do
File “.\common_init_.py”, line 52, in playGSXWarning
UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’\xf6’ in position 25: ordinal not in range(128)

It sounds like you really need to get a forum approval for the FSDT Forums, or at least scan over them for people with similar problems. The error sounds like it’s related to a Unicode encoding issue with some of the text used somewhere.

Yeah, waiting for it since some days. Even wrote them a mail with the error, no response yet :confused:

This brings back memories of an issue that occurred in the MSFS Alpha, where non-ascii characters had been used in the username of the user.

I am fairly sure this was sorted out by Asobo, but maybe some addon developers still need to do it??

I’m pretty certain I’ve done that. I assume you mean the ‘Pax Gate’ and subsequent walking points?

If it’s not that I’ve clearly missed something.

Yeah I meent that.

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Rats. I thought you were on to something there. It’s got me completely stumped

When you set up the Stairs - did you for sure set the upper and lower point? You can go the next point with NumPad9 and Last Point with NumPad7 in the Editor.

I did, as per the manual.

I wonder if it’s the door on the Twotter that’s the problem, but as far as I can see that’s set up correctly too :man_shrugging:t3:

mmh. odd. maybe i try myself later the twotter. at which airport are you doing this? and which stand?

Pyreegue Glasgow, Stand 1. I’ve disabled busses and stairs, set up walking points from the terminal and set up the door and steps as per the manual but for some reason it just doesn’t want to play.

Appreciate your help btw!

Wow this is a popular topic. I bought this a few days ago and have un-installed it until there are more updates and better feedback from the community. I didn’t have CTD’s at all, and I had one or two perfect flights, but it has a LOT of little glitchy things that ruin immersion. I don’t think its very well implemented with MSFS at this point.

I get this box when installing a program on the computer, is there anything to get around, fix it to work correctly, then GSX PRO doesn’t work on Mircosoft Flight Simulator 2020,

Has anyone got refuelling working with the 737? It always takes seconds even the the progressive box it ticked.

I must be doing something wrong!

It was like that the first times I used it too, but somehow it fixed itself later on, maybe it was caused by a newer update.

I basically load in with empty tanks, and wait until they prompt me to enter a fuel amount in the FMC.

Progressive ticked and detect custom fuel system thing is ticked.

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Glad to say it is finally working fine with the updates and the pmdg and in VR

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Yes, I have. Couple things:

First, be sure to check the box in GSX Options for “Detect Custom Fuel System” (I’m away from my sim rig so I might have the wording wrong) and the box for progressive fueling.

Second, before calling for fuel, go to the FMC FUEL page and set a lower fuel than you will need for the flight. So if your block fuel is something like 16,000 pounds, set your plane to 8,000 or whatever. Then use the GSX menu to request fuel. Wait for the truck to arrive. You will be promoted by GSX to set your desired fuel. Go back to the FUEL page of the FMC and set your block fuel for the flight. GSX will start loading. If you go to the external or drone cam and look at the side of the fuel truck, you will see it counting up. At the end of the process, it will flash the estimated fuel cost for the flight, based on approximate current prices for the day, which is a pretty fun detail. It gets estimated prices daily from the ‘net.

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I suspect it’s the ‘Detect Custom Fuel System’ as it’s disabled by default.

Next time I’ll get chance I’ll try with that enabled, thanks.

Does anyone find floating avatars driving the ground service vehicles and passengers floating…
My airport elevation is correct but the avatars are like 2m higher than where theyre supposed to be.

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Are you using the Fenix and do you have re-enabled the assistance menu for e.g. ATC?
This error / CTD comes up when accessing the assistance menu while boarding / pushback / etc…

Disabling assistance menu and activating ATC assist via options menu solved this CTD’s for me.
Only happens in the Fenix.

Maybe this helps…