FSLiveTraffic Liveries (FSLTL) - AIG ban and Contribution pt. 2

This is a continuation of this topic.

If you don’t know what FSLTL is please read our announcement.

After a brief discussion with @oTLRo, AIG artist and representative, we have found that a misunderstanding had a place.

Now FSLTL-AIG agreement stands as follows:

  • We still don’t have rights to host or modify AIG models. Precisely these are B752, B753, J328, PC12 and an A124
  • We have no right to modify or host any AIG-created textures. This has no impact on FSLTL as we never intended to do so - FSLTL will require an ordinary FLAi installation to function. FSLTL will have the full amount of liveries on release.

I’m glad that we have overcome this, together. We did this by talking calmly and to the point. I have no moderation capabilities here, so the only thing I can is ask you to behave with dignity and treat each other with respect. Please, do so.

Still, as FSLTL is a community-open project, you can help it by contributing your liveries while we’re finishing our work. This includes complete reworks(not modification!) of existing ones, and creating new ones that aren’t included into FLAi now. All livery artists obviously will have access to the closed alpha and will be properly credited.

If you would like to participate, contact (@SofieGrozovski ) on Discord or by mail (sofiegrozovski@gmail.com)

Stay safe,


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