FSLiveTraffic Liveries (FSLTL) - First Trailer and FLAi partnership

FSLTL - FLAi partnership and other news


On our path to populating the MSFS skys with real aircraft types and liveries in place of the simple default versions, we are working with the models and liveries included with Fly AI (FLAi). FLAi offers an aircraft and livery pack for VATSIM pilots on FSX and P3D and now we’re porting it to work with MSFS online and offline AI as well as with VATSIM’s vPilot. And it mostly works already.

We can hear you saying ‘that is great news but sounds too go to be true’. Well it is true but there is a catch. There is always a catch!

And the first of them is time.

So… when will FSLTL be released?

The FLAi package is a product of collective voluntary work. It consists of 160 models made by more than twenty 3d artists and hundreds of liveries produced by dozens of people. In order to release our work based on their assets, we need to get in touch with everybody and ask for their permission. There is no way around this and it is just the right thing to do. And it takes time, a lot of it. That is what is happening now - FLAi, on their side, is reaching out to the authors, we’re developing FSLTL at the same time. In some cases we can’t eliminate all visual or critical bugs without access to original assets, so we have to rely on the original modeller to provide them. We will release a first, uncomplete public beta when a decent number of modellers have given their consent. If you’ve developed any of the models that are used in FLAi, you can help by reaching out to confirm you’re happy to be part of this project. Please email Evan (evanr@bvartcc.com) or me sofiegrozovski@gmail.com. Also you can contact us on Discord. Just like with the original launch of FLAi, support of developers is needed to make this project a reality!

Great news but will it work with VATSIM’s vPilot out of the box?


I want it now, what is the current status?

It just works™ just like trailer shows, everything was captured in-game with AI online.

However, we can’t release beta now for two reasons:

  1. As noted above, we have to wait for the authors to give their approval and grant access to some of the model sources

  2. MSFS is still constantly changing and AI behaviour is unpredictable after every patch (although it’s way more stable for us since the last update). Unfortunately, both stock AI offline and online are poorly documented and far from perfect. You can help us by upvoting this post.

We’ll release the “beta than nothing” incomplete version as soon as a reasonable number of authors have given their consent.

How will it be distributed?

TBA. We’re working hard to make deployment as simple as possible.

How much will it cost?

Zero. At the moment there are no donations, patreon, etc. Never pay for this product! We’ll notify you if it changes.

How can I help?

  • If you’re a model or livery artist and want to contribute to the project, please contact us using the methods below

  • Vote for AI improvements here and here.

  • If you’re a node.js, electron, java developer and willing to help, please contact us, you’re always welcome.

  • Have patience! Unfortunately some work just can’t be done quicker.



Amazing news!

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This is SOOOO great news!

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Wow. This looks absolutely stunning.
Real life liveries are the single most important thing, which keeps me from really enjoying MSFS.

Two questions though:

  1. Does it mean your mod only shows liveries on the few aircraft which are being injected by the Asobo live traffic servers ? Unfortunately I only see very little movement. Only probably 5% of what should be there. Is there a way to gain more traffic with your mod?

  2. What do you mean be „porting offline traffic“? If I turn on offline traffic option in MSFS I only see/hear generic plane movement in the air or on the radios. How does your livery mod come in here?
    Or do you inject real world traffic with real schedules, just not actually live, into the sim?

I would be grateful for an answer and I want to thank you once again profusely for your hard work.
Be assured it is much needed and looked forward to.


Thank you!

Actually these questions are meant to be answered a bit later, but I assure you that we’re working on it.


Thanks! It will show user choose livery?

Really a fantastic news!!!
Thanks so much for your project.
Will be necesary flight plans for every carrier/season???
will be possible to have codes for the parkings/gates??
Will be possible to find military traffic??

Thanks so much for your work.

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This doesn’t use flight plans, it’s for the Online live traffic.

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I see a lot of my hand made textures in that video and you can reach out to me directly at kylej.meeks@yahoo.com and I’d be more than willing to have a discussion.

To clarify, I gave FLAI permission a long while ago to use my work in thier packages, but they aren’t the authority on the models and paints in their packages.


Will you fix the sim crashes first. Geesh.

Sure, they are not. So this is what we’re doing now, reaching everybody. It’s great you gave us a sign.

I’ll write you tomorrow, if that is ok?

Erm this isn’t an official dev post, it’s an addon.

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Well, that flatters. Means trailer is solid enough. :laughing:


I mean, who can dislike Tchaikovsky?


Best performance recorded ever!


Looks fantastic. Thank you!

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Sorry if ive missed this, will the ‘beta than nothing’ - great title, will it work on AI offline as well?

Oh this is actually interesting. Been using FLAI and vPilot on P3D for some time and do enjoy using it. Hopefully you can get all of the permission needed to be able to use it in MSFS. Can’t wait to see where this project leads.

It is not easy to be patient, but I am doing my best.

Will there be traffic also in Africa (not just South Africa), Latin America(specially in smaller countries) and Asia (other than Japan).


Looks amazing. Here is hoping that the beta drops soon.