G1000 with simconnect

Is there any plan to update Simconnect to be able to control all buttons and knobs of the Garming G1000?.
At this time it is not possible to do that with FSUIPC nor SpadNext, the SimConnect variables do not work. And using the G1000 with the mouse and screen is very tedious and time consuming.

Please vote here as it seems it is nearly the same topic:

Welcome back @frikkivan ! I agree at this, good idea :blush:

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about g1000 special-buttons: I have filed an issue via zendesk some weeks ago. How to monitor or find out what button is connected to what Event ID?

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Good to know, let’s see if there is some progress soon in this implementation. Thanks.

yes please!!!, event being able to program joystick buttons or the keyboard would be infinitely better than using a mouse

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Voted - I hope there are enough people interested in this for them to pay attention. It’s this stuff that keeps me going back to xplane since I have too many peripherals to abandon!

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RealSimGear has apparently figured out how to mirror the MSFS G1000 into their hardware and send it button presses from their hardware.

Did they get some special insider info? Why can’t we all take advantage of this?


Whoa! I didn’t know that about RealSimGear! I wonder how they did it!

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Good news then!, it seems that almost all the buttons are functional on RealSimGear, unfortunately I was searching for a low cost functionality, I hope that MSFS will end integrating all G1000 buttons in Simconnect.
Here the link explaining the progress from RealSimGear refereced by marsman20208043:
Will RealSimGear Products Work with Microsoft Flight Sim 2020?