Goes from 80-90 FPS taxing to 2-5 FPS/stutter fest EVERY TIME after hitting ~60 knots during take off sequence

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Every single time I take off, it becomes unflyable due to freezes and single digit FPS sections for ~10-20 seconds, then goes back up to 70 to 90 FPS consistenly for take off and normal flight.
Then when landing, the same story, once I am almost on the ground, the game literally freezes in frames for a while before resuming at high FPS as normal.
I tried EVERY combination: airport, random ground, all planes, regular and VR acts the same, No add ons, photogramtery on and off, real weather on or off, etc, etc.

Never had any performance issues until this last hotfix: []

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This has to be a rare thing or the entire forum would be talking about this and Asobo would issue and instant fix. But what could be causing this TO ME only?

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I have the LATEST NVidia driver (released today 9/20/21), an RTX 3080 , and i9 10900F CPU, 32 GB RAM and Windows 10.

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Fernlope1977. No eres el único. Desde la última actualización a mi me pasa exactamente lo mismo que describes. Supongo que estarán trabajando en ello. Un saludo.

Fernlope1977. You are not the only one. Exactly the same thing you describe happens to me since the last update. I guess they will be working on it. All the best.

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Do you have terrain caching enabled? If so would you mind turning it off for a few test flights?

It might also be worth resetting your video settings to a default preset, like Ultra, then re-adjusting them in the GUI to what you want. Don’t touch the config text file to make further adjustments, like LOD about 2, until you have tried the sim out first with these changes.

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He deshabilitado el cache dinámico y puesto la configuración de gráficos general en alta y sigue el mismo problema.

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Yes I tried catching and no catching. I tried lowering everything and making it totally default, and still occurs consistently. Never modified the basic config file.
It is SO obvious and reproducible that I am shocked we don’t see thousands of simers talking about this honestly. :frowning: It happens ALWAYS after some seconds rolling on the tarmac, between 30 and 60 knots… boom… FPS below 10s and I can’t even control the plane at all. Then instantaneously goes back to hundreds of smooth FPS!. I am an engineer myself and this must be a very obvious issue related to the sequence of moving on the ground. I can’t comprehend this is unique to two of us so far…

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and you still fly in this resolution ?

Heck, I have two of these monitors and I expand the window at 1.4k resolution to make it 6888x1400 total


your former posts tell me a different story, also these one:

May be a good starting point to check possible settings:

I agree that it’s odd. I have never seen this myself. I’ve had those crashes when on short final, but that was in the early part of this year. I haven’t seen that one since. The only occurrence I had with very low frame rates was that bug several months back related to airspaces. If you visited certain roughly curved traingular sections of the airspace your frame rate would drop to single digits. As soon as you left the area the problem went away.

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Hello, I have exactly the same problem and as I have seen there are many people who also experience it, I generated a claim explaining everything but they never answered me and what is more, I can no longer find it which makes me think that they eliminated it. For those who suggest solutions, they have to know that the problem started after the last update including the subsequent hotfix, it had never happened before, the problem occurs in ultra-high-medium and low configuration, with the community folder completely empty, with the traffic, bing and photogrammetry turned off, windows and gpu with the latest updates, everything recommended and the problem persists, even in airports and cities very basic and native to FS, a real disaster what they did with the last update. Until the previous update, I was flying with FBW A32NX with photogrammetry, live traffic, live weather and bing activated, set to high / ultra without any problem and with very good to excellent performances, this is clearly not a problem with our PCs.


MSI GL 75 Leopard - Windows 10 64 - I7 1070 - RTX 2070 - SSD 1TB Nvme - 16GB RAM

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I’m getting this same exact issue. Happens both In VR, and not in VR. Sim is currently unplayable.

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I assume you are saying the FPS returns to “normal” for you, it isn’t 100+ FPS…

Does this happen with every aircraft at every airport? Or only with specific aircraft or a specific airport?

I know you mentioned everytime, but could you like provide the airport, aircraft and mods in Community? It would help in seeing if possible to repro.

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Same here, I posted about that performance issue months ago around certain airspaces. That was not an issue in my system, but a clear bug on their end. Now? I am not sure as I see almost nobody seeing this whatsoever, so it seems it has to be a combination of system/settings. The frustrating part is that I changed no settings, I use vanilla everything, no add-ons, tested normal and VR, I went down to all LOW and 1080p resolution and it occurs EVERY SINGLE TIME, on every take off or landing, any location and any plane.

I am thinking about having a clean re-install of the whole sim and see if this goes away… Any ideas welcome…

The performance issues I had were nothing like this and not deterministic or this obvious. No I don’t fly on that resolution bur VR mostly. This issue reproduces in ALL resolution, all settings, all planes and any of the 39 airports or random ground locations I tried.

I get 120 FPS or so in the regular areas and planes I fly often in 2D, so yeah I mean 100+ FPS comes back up and all goes good as soon as I get some altitude above the ground.
Yes happens in every aircraft, location, etc. It is a 100% reproducible and unavoidable issue for me

no mods, and all airports and planes reproduce this. Even random grasslands in Africa once I land. It is a factor of the distance to the ground and certain speed. It is perfectly predictable at around 60 knots on the ground

Have you tried changing your GPU driver?

Yes, I have the latest one from nvidia and I also tried the previous one as well as one from 8 months ago that used to work great for performance. All show the same behavior. This is MSFS related almost certainly and not a system configuration. The question is … why just so few of us see this? this is SO bad that if it was more common they would have to instantly hotfix this right away…

I have the same issue, it seems to be related to Photogrammetry. When I turn off Photogrammetry the problem goes away completely.

That does seem to be a common situation. If it were purely the sim, more users would see it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This could even end up being an individual driver, or motherboard chipset issue for all I know.

but then it’s important to mention where the issues happen : 2D or VR ? ( note: for VR is own category ).

In case you can exclude issues caused from your settings ( e.g. to high load ), then may be there is some connection relevant stuff. We had some reports in case some kind of VPN is used.

UPDATE: found this topic, which sounds a bit like your issue: