Graphics are good, focus on ATC, Planes, Autopilot, planning, IFR,

Grafics are really outstanding !!
But there are so much problems with ATC, after asking for IFR clearance ATC is no longer useble, Planes not functioning correctly, flight planning totally messes up VFR Map, …

yea i think there might be synergy problems between the game systems &or mapping/pathfinding issues
Causing more possible problems to arise between starting engine at the parking where you depart,till shutting down engine at arrival. In IFR this bad synergy often causes flights to get a bad follow up/assistance at some point .Or in the worst case getting stuck in landing phase or so.Where it will not let you transition to taxiing to parking.

Now the improved AI at airports is planned :partying_face: I saw in the announcement for road ahead

The improvement to that game system might improve the synergy between the others.
Some have requested to seperate some game systems.Like in this wishlist request:

When all these game systems are in sync,more lovely extra’s could be focused on that add more immersion/detail & distinction between zones:

A year ago they said ATC was one of the primary things to get right. I wonder why they just don’t redo it already

Just curious, is there a way to type in (using keyboard) the ICAO for the autopilot