Use Azure to give ATC regional accents

Having every ATC in the world manned by Americans is immersion breaking and since Azure is supposed to be awesomely brilliant…not seen any evidence of this so far. Show me.

I shall add not only accents but also multiple languages and not just the one selected in your operating system.

As I understand FS2020 is using the operating system language for now. It would be better in my opinion to use the narrator language setting instead because it can be different than the language you’re using in the OS for the menus and the system (especially in multilingual countries).

A useful option would be for FS2020 to be using any Win10 Language pack we’d had downloaded/installed and offer a “master” language settings to set the language used by default everywhere, then, a localized language setting for the country you’re flying over.

As a bonus, FS2020 could automatically choose a language matching a specific country if your aircraft registration number (N number in the US) matches the country you’re flying over (for example French controllers used to speak in French sometimes with French aircraft pilots but if no longer ignore this example).


In general, English is spoken on ATC frequencies around the world.

The ATC English in FS2020 is pseudo-American. Americans don’t say “decimal”. They say “point”. I would love for it to be “point” where people say “point” and “decimal” where people say “decimal”.

I would also love to hear accents. And female controllers, too. And not just one voice but a variety of voices so when you go from ground to tower to departure to center to approach to tower to ground, you keep hearing different voices, just as in the real world.


And the ability to choose a voice for your pilot too.

Here is something that bugs the hell out of me…

Wherever you are in the world ATC has an American accent. I don’t think it would be that hard to put in a few different English language accents in the system. Hell, my Garmin GPS could do that in the car 15 years ago - a voice synth with a British accent, Australian, even Beavis and Butthead.

Ideally, you would have English with Slavic, Indian, and Hispanic accents, and let’s say Queen’s English for the rest of the world outside of North America. It would help the immersion experience a lot I think.


ATC live. Only two male voices?
I was hoping and wishing a few more with accent and without using an extern ATC programm in the future.


In real life flying over diferent countries and regions and communicate with atc brings also diferent accents, it would be much interesting to hear russian english or eastern European accents when contacted atc, Germans also have specific accents, so this would be pretty cool feature for flying