Will Azure voice services ever be fixed?

The login servers are for multiplayer data only. It doesn’t matter what you get from that server as that’s not where your cloud data is coming from.

But I’ve got a rock solid gigabit fibre connection that’s been awesome since I got it. I have no connection problems anywhere else. I shouldn’t be having any issues with the Microsoft servers.

If the Partnership Series video about Azure voice that came one some months back is to be believed, there’s a lot more different voices, languages, regional accents, etc coming in future. It was a showcase of all it could potentially do. What we’re seeing in MSFS atm is really the most basic implementation of it. I suspect they have bigger planes for voice down the road. Or else, what was the point of that showcase video if it wasn’t something that would find its way into the sim?


It seems more frequent at airports for me. I fly out of my local airport s lot and it happens there. And it’s not a photogrammetry area at all.

But I had it happen at FL440 over the Nevada desert earlier this evening.

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Streaming content like this does not really care where you “fly” in the sim, it has to do with the server connection to the Azure cloud that is clearly flimsy. I’d be hard pressed to believe SU5 contained any changes to the network code of the sim that would have initiated these issues. I am old enough to remember what the topics were after SU5 and not a single one was about this Azure connection dropping.

I’ve had it often since SU5 and it’s both really annoying and yet hilarious. It’s annoying because it keeps happening and hilarious because ATC suddenly sounds like Australia’s first female prime minister, Julia Gillard, but after way too many beers or something. It’s the broadest, most insane Aussie accent of all time. I have to turn off ATC completely because of it.

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yep same here!

My first post on this issue 2 days after SU5

Another post from 2 days later.

First bug report on it after SU5

Another bug thread from 10 days after SU5

3 weeks after SU5


And there are more…


MSFS does not connect to “a” server. I have seen as many as nine discrete and continuous TCP/IP connections to separate servers in different geographic locations when MSFS is running. The streams are encrypted, so it is impossible to determine which server is providing what data, but based on the data rate, and by enabling or disabling various features of MSFS while running, I am confident that each of the following game features comes from a different discrete server.

Streaming scenery
Live Weather
Real-Time METAR
Live Traffic
Azure voice
Cloud storage of settings
Useage tracking

Some of these IP addresses resolve to Microsoft-owned Azure servers. One (that I always see here in the US) is owned by Amazon AWS. Several belong to Akamai Technologies.

Interestingly, the Amazon server typically has the highest, or second-highest continuous data throughput when the game is running.

Sim updates come from yet another IP address that I have never seen used during normal game play.


Very interesting, thanks for the info.

Just bring up your resource monitor and filter it to only show flightsimulator.exe. You’ll see all the connections the sim makes.

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Well today Azure already crapped out trying to answer my IFR flight plan filing request. The rest of the connections work fine. Just that Azure text to voice.

I suspect it has more to do with the influx of new players since the Xbox release than any sim code changes. They probably made mistakes in network resource planning and have yet to tune it correctly. They probably don’t want to (or can’t get approval to) just throw more Azure resources at it because of the added cost.

I don’t get the Azure voice service drop out, but I have noticed that since SU6 they seem more scratchy than before, which I believe I have mentioned also where. It’s like all the bass has been rolled off, and the treble turned all the way up. It’s different from the signal degradation you get when at a distance, and it can be heard while communicating with ground.

I think there are other things at play here.
Azure dropping out has happened to me only once since my initial install back on day one (Release Date).


Just departed from Tokyo, immediately switched to off-line voices again, yet zero issues streaming the PG data, live weather, live traffic, multiplayer. What’s so special about Azure text to speech.

I’m just completing one of the very rare post-SU5 flights I’ve had without Azure dropping on me.

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Same here, since update 5 Azure drops off every time! Now I just expect it to , and it does. Every time!

So I’ve never had this problem before. Then yesterday I decided to clean install Windows 11 (wipe and format drive). I clean installed MSFS and updated everything (drivers, updates, etc). I now have this annoying problem! It happens on basically every flight and I can’t seem to figure out what causes it. To make it worse sometimes it will turn off Bing data and I have to go into the menu to turn it back on. @Crunchmeister71

Well, you were fortunate that it never affected you before. I’ve been dealing with this daily since July.

On the plus side, it doesn’t disable my Bing data. And I’ve had the odd time where it’s started working again on the same flight I’ve lost it on. Although those times are exceedingly rare. Even rarer than the few times I can complete a flight without Azure dropping.

Yea it will typically say “Connection Lost” then mention about Azure services. I have a Killer Networking Wireless card but I’m running Ethernet. To be fair though I’m running my computer on a university network, and it’s unknown if they are having problems.

Hard-wired to my internal LAN which runs 10 Gbit, so no internal bottlenecks. I’m on gigabit fibre to the internet and it’s been nothing but rock solid and blazing fast. MSFS is the only online service I ever have issues with.