GTN750 Project

First picture of this project. New pictures to come in the next few days.


Wow! This is very promising. Is it interfacing with the Garmin GTN Trainer software, or is it rebuilt fully within the simulator SDK? Can’t wait to see more.


From scratch. No GTN trainer.


Used the GTN750 whenever available for all my planes in P3D v1-5, let me know if you need any beta testers would love to see this come to MSFS2020. Thanks for working on this important project.


All I can say is “awesome”.

I am assuming a lot of it is going to be Touch Sensitive menuing and selection (mouse clicking) as opposed t the tedious knob rotation ?

A “Stream Deck XL” users “Dream” :grinning:

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Yes touch screen + directTo and Home button + Knob as in the original GTN.


That will be more than enough to get me out of the C172 Classic , and to start a whole new adventure with planes with more “Complex” GPS systems. :grinning:

Before you consider the GNS530 Mod “complete - (as far as you want to take it, or can take it with the MSFS SDK”), do you have any thoughts or plans to add any of the Real World Audio Voice announcements to the GNS530 ?

I get the impression that this should currently be technically possible with the state of the SDK as it stands at the moment, after what may a significant learning curve with the MSFS 2020 audio systems.

Maybe any such work would spill over onto the your new GTN750 (or spill back from it)

Can’t wait. This is epic already!

The man, the myth, and the legend strikes again. I’ve never used a GTN750, don’t even know what it does or what it’s for, but I can’t wait to find out. Then again, I had never used a GNS530 before FS2020 either, and I think I found your mod for that if not before I ever used the default version, it was VERY shortly thereafter.

I can’t wait to see what this does, and to use it in my day to day use of the sim, I’m just gonna go ahead and say well done without even actually having seen it in action.


A pretty looking gauge is only part of a functioning avionics suite…

Much work to be done to get the MSFS flight plan management system overhauled… the GNS530 is far from done IMHO…

USER waypoint anyone?

Direct-To a waypoint in your current flightplan, and the flightplan goes Poof…

In flight, the FPL does not show the current leg, but the beginning of the flightplan.


Just to name a few, but nasty missing capabilities…


I use the GTN 750 in P3D or rather did do. I use MSFS20 all the time now and hoping and praying this comes fully to MSFS20 in time. I miss the use of it so much. As good as all my stuff was in P3D every time I open it I say nah! Going back to MSFS20 instead…even with its problems.

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The GTN is the newer version of the GNS from Garmin. It’s like iPhone 2 vs iPhone 12.


Awesome man! thanks for making the sim exciting, because we never know what cool things will popup from the freeware community

@ScorpionFilm422 maybe you want to work for Asobo like Working Title, but developing GPS suits? I am sure it would be possible and we would all vote for it.
The sim would benefit from it immensely I believe. I just imagined a set of different avionics suits available right out of the box in a few years… new planes released for the sim would allow to swap them on the fly, depending on the pilot’s preferences… we can only dream about it.


You are a MACHINE! Thanks for everything you’re doing. Outstanding!

The main map


Another experienced GTN750 user here (Flight 1) If I can be of help in testing, or just clocking hours, I would be pleased to help. Well done!

One thought here. If you have the bezel, could there be an option to run it out onto a second monitor as a standalone? This would enable users to fit it into a wider choice of aircraft and make it available for cockpit builders/panel users, etc etc.

The first version will be delivered as a replacement for the G1000MFD in some standard game airplanes.
But there will be an integration kit for airplane builders allowing them to integrate the software into a standalone GTN750 envelope.
Currently working airplanes: Grand Caravan, C172, DA40, DA62, G36.
Work also with some of the premium airplanes but the panel.cfg must be modified by the user (protected files).


I will get this GTN750 I do have one question as I have the GTN750 in FSX will I be able to input low or high airways with this one?

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