Hardware/Software and Update 3 FPS Issues

Forgive me if this is posted somewhere else but regarding the stuttering/FPS issues with Update 3 it seems like some people are experiencing severe performance issues (myself included) rendering the sim unplayable and others are not affected at all. Is there any consensus on just the most basic hardware/ software combinations in these 2 categories? i.e: AMD vs Intel CPU, AMD vs NVIDIA graphics, WIN10 pro vs WIN10 home, 32Gb ram vs 64Gb etc? I know I’m asking the equivalent of why some people die of COVID while others just get a sore throat, but these are computers, not organisms…we should at least have a handle on why some people are affected and others not even if there is no solution yet. Just curious.

I’ve been mining the threads for days on this very question. Simple answer, no.

The complicated answer…

There has been just about every possible permutation of system afflicted. I can only surmise at this point that it is more driver related than anything. Likely not a complete driver pkg but maybe a leftover DLL that is no longer supported that is getting loaded and is conflicting with the new library. That is only a guess at this point but the fact that it all started when they implemented the DXGI instructions and buffer loading architecture has changed, points me toward a runtime conflict. The fact that it does not care what CPU/GPU/Mem etc. suggests that it is likely a something related to general Windows, not the sim. That is why I lean toward a driver update sometime that left some redundant bits behind that is now conflicting with the new sim draw methods.


yes… this also includes the WHERE users often fly.

I assume most, if not all users are at least a bit affected of lower fps. But my experiance for that hard-performance-issues is that they happen not at each places in the world.
I know e.g. London where my system switch from 100% GPU load to more 100% CPU load and thus the GPU can not delivered with enough data and I run into the 20fps and lower area. But I have also these Landmarks Add-On, who knows.

The very strange issues with realy stutters I seen only very rare or If I special recheck user reports ( e.g. KSJC ).

Therefore the issue is for some users a issue where dev-team work on it and where they simple choose another area to fly, and for other users is it the end of the world.

And beside of all permutation of hardware and software, there are “million” possible game settings and also which airplane you use…example: from Zlin → Mooney I lost till 50% fps.

If we, the community, had already found a workaround for all users, then we would be happy :slight_smile:

Apparently scenery at specific locations is not being processed correctly by the CPU before being sent to the GPU. Whatever is in the scenery triggers the failure. There may need to be both a scenery fix since the problem occurs in many different locations and a code fix to handle bad scenery better.

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You are correct about your assumption that “where we fly” has something to do with this problem. The mountain and jungle hand-flyers are probably not noticing fps problems. I’ll bet also that those that fly above and way above FL10 do not experience fps problems. Those that fly in and out of heavy urban and airport scenery (esp. hand-crafted airports) probably do have the problems. I am one of the latter. 8-9 fps over London and take-offs and landings over airports like SEA-TAC, Dallas-Ft. Worth. Funny that flying in and out of LAX and I’m still getting 19+ fps. Also I think folks who complain are confusing low fps with stutter. Yeah, with extremely low fps one would expect stutter. Just my 2 cents.

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yes… we have to disctint beetween:

  • low-fps ( very personal feeling when it comes uncomfortable for the eyes. Normaly big fps-jumps and lower 20-25fps is for most people not nice )
    – this can sometime avoid by lowering LOD , etc. … but also not allways
  • real-stuttering at some places ( indepened of the fps ) ( mostly since latest update , e.g. at KSJC airport by user-report, think I re-check it this day again )
    – issue
  • pauses ( the game stops for “seconds” ) ( I never seen more than a second or so )
    – issue

For all these points exist discussion threads where users mentioned a wide range of hardware , software installations, network conntection, etc. … But the users also have a wide range opinion about “what is worst”. Example: users with a 3090/SLI/Intel Biggest ever-CPU/128GIGRAM/etc report that they only get 60fps in 4k and other users only report "all is worst and developers are all … ". … So , it is often hard to compare all these reports and find a possible “common issued system” ( if this real exist, which I not assume ).

One cause for game stopping for a couple of seconds is when it randomly launches vrserver.exe (coming with Steam VR installation). I already opened a ticket for that (the workaround is to rename the file)

Over fl10 the problem is there too. Last night i flew fl35 over paris out of nothing 2 to 4 fps for about two minutes and a GPU at 4% use, after that back to normal again.

this is a good hint for the OP and I completly forgot VR… some users report issues if they own/use VR hardware. But I guess the most users and question the OP had, was for none-VR :slight_smile:

New Guinea is littered with these low FPS spots, so not even us VFR guys in the jungle can escape it.

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Thinking back on the couple of times I’ve flown over Paris and sitting on the ramp at Charles de Gaulle at 9 fps, it does not surprise me that the system is trying to piece all of that terrain together, even at FL10. What surprises me most is how some claim they have had no problems with fps, temp. pauses, or stutter and others’ hair is on fire! I have faith that Asobo will sort this out soon enough, but at what expense to other bits of sim enjoyment.


OK so this works for some and not others. For me it worked great.

If anyone is having any problems getting in to that folder, don’t bother fiddling around with resetting the permissions to the “WindowsApps” folder.

Just run an elevated command prompt:


Then type:

explorer “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.14.5.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe”

You can now tweak the settings for the application:



Now to see if this actually makes any difference or not. If not, it is easy to reverse the process.

So it made no difference to me. 10 minutes or so into a flight, and the stuttering began, flying towards FYPE.

A few minutes later, still on approach to FYPE, and the stuttering stops.

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Nope, the problem afflicts everyone. I finally hit serious mountains and more dense scenery on my WT as I fly deeper into EU coming from Ireland. Hard freeze around Torino IT at FL310, confirmed with two cold flights from two different origin airports and one saved In Flight.

I’m still doing well FPS wise, but I also got the low FPS same as a few other folks at KMLB R9 Approach.

So there is something very systemic within the sim right now afflicting everyone. It’s not a matter of someone’s rig being better off than others. Eventually you will encounter these problems if you fly around long enough.

This isn’t a standalone sim like FSX that is entirely limited to your PC. It’s a Cloud based application many times more complex than it’s predecessors. Truth be told, I’m surprised at it being as stable as it was before WU3/SU3. It’s a testament to how the Devs worked on it and the Agile Development Approach. But eventually instability catches up with any app. Now it’s time to see how good Asobo can recover.

That’s discouraging. I feel like I’ve been served filet mignon, and now I’m back to eating dog food. Just make it the way it was before Updste 3 and call it quits with the ■■■■ updates.

Everyone there is a new thread started that has some decent votes regarding the implementation of optional beta versions of the game before the mandatory updates are rolled out. If this interest you then don’t hesitate to cast your vote