Horrible Dithered Ghosting Issues with 3070 Ti

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See my YouTube link and look at the reflections and weird, dithered ghosting along the edges of the plane. It’s also like there’s an invisible mirrored image of the plane covering other shadows/reflections. Happens outside the hanger too. I’ve tried changing every graphic setting and Nvidia setting I can think off.

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Processing: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022.04.06 -…

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Ryzen 5800x, 3070 Ti, 32GB 3600MHz CL16, Crucial P1 SSD

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Wow, @SteadyScopeEric, that’s tough to see with such an excellent graphics adapter. Are you certain there are no heat issues?

I hope others chime in here if they have experienced a similar phenomenon.

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GPU is undervolted and peaks around 80C. I’ve done tons of searching already but have not found any similar cases.

One thing I have not tried is deleting my Nvidia shader cache, then setting it to unlimited. I am doubtful this will help but this almost seems like more of a file corruption, rather than a graphic setting or performance issue.

Thanks for the welcome.

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undervolted and then 80C ? … I dont know why so many users have to play with such “tricks”…

To be sure: you can see that only

  • in hangar
  • only in maximal zoom level
  • only in special backlight situation as in your video

Or ?

I think this hangar, as useless this thing is, has a apochromatic setting “that it looks good”. And I assume this can cause in some situations strange effect.

You get this nowhere else in the game , or ? ( just to relativate ‘horrible’ at bit ) :wink:
Otherwise… I think it was the Fringe setting…

I see similar “corona” effects and others while moving around…

EDIT: ah… here is the old topic about


I think your main complaint are against whats known as SSR (Screen Space Reflection).
Its how MSFS uses reflection in this game. Its a horrible implementation.

Basically it only reflects what is visible(rendered) on screen, instead of whats actually there.
Example, in your video it doesnt reflect parts of the hangar that your aircraft is blocking.

The other thing that was mentioned is the chromatic abberation effect they use in the hangar view.
“Chromatic aberration, also known as color fringing, is a color distortion that creates an outline of unwanted color along the edges of objects in a photograph.”

can be turned off manually in the config file I think.

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but also disabled, in the hangar the effect is allways present.

But because these hangar is more or less useless for “fly in the sim” , we can also call it “a feature” :wink:

That was my experience too, so I was always a little confused regarding those lines in the config file.
I dont mind those effects in the hangar.

The poor implementation of the SSR in the game on the other hand is sub par.
Not really sure what the performance cost of raytracing is compared, but they really need to do something about that eventually.

@MichaMMA I already have sharpening, fringe, film grain, and vignette turned off. It also appears outside the hangar.

@talgmar What’s weird is the delay on the shadows/reflections (not even sure what I’m seeing) when moving the camera. It’s like it lags behind movement. Then there’s the invisible mirrored image of the plane and other 3D models. It looks as if it’s supposed to be the path for its own reflection but you can’t see it, and it’s blocking the reflection of anything else.

I know that sounds very confusing but I’m having a hard time describing what I’m seeing. Does your game look the same? I’m trying to narrow down if it’s like this for everyone or if I’m having a hardware/software issue.

can you provide a screenshot too ? not that we searching for different things :slight_smile:

Did you mean something like that:


Are you referring to this?

If so, this is the SSR I was talking about, and is a part of the game (everybody sees it like this).

That and also this. Notice how it stops when an object and/or the camera is not moving. Seems to only be along high contrast areas.

ok, these movement shadows ( ghosting ). We had this very noticable long ago for e.g. these “electric windmills” and special noticable in backlit situations or just also the example I depict with the “grass movement in wind” , also backlit situation. I think an nvidia driver reduced the effect a lot, or it was game update, can’t remember. I assume it comes from somekind of AA (TAA) , but there are some topics about.

Users give it different names and discuss it in some topics, some examples :

Thanks for the links. I guess this is the same thing I am seeing but much less extreme? Every time I search for “shimmering” I just find screenshots of buildings 2 miles away with a red circle around them, so I am not even sure what shimmering is.

“shimmering” is not that “movement ghosting”, thats what I mention in some of the linked posts. But may all of these is just AA related.

Its also not 100% cleared for each user what exactly they mean with “shimmering” . I assume most users just mean normal artifacts comming from AA as ‘shimmer’ ( e.g. the edges of the small building far far in front are sometimes not “steady” ). This AA effect comes more on top where many tiny details exist, but are simple everywhere present, not only in MSFS.

Another user mentioned a shimmering that the brightness of an ‘area’ changed: [BUG LOGGED] Shimmering/AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays) - #697 by MichaMMA . He posted a video… in first moment hard to see, but you can compare it with the image he posted to.

“Hard ghosting” I not noticed since a while. Of course, I exactly know how I can reproduce the hard cases ( like the grass images ), but mostly it is “okaaaay”. May be with new technics like DLSS ( etc ) some of these artifacts will go away.

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I am surprised it is not mentioned more, which is why I was not sure if it was a universal issue.