Horrible performance

Everything is on high and it didn’t make a difference. I’m assuming it has something to do with the clouds because as soon as I fly through them my performance just tanks

Turn off all traffic.
That gave me a very stable boost.

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Lol. All your suggestion in the tread will most likely be completely useless come July 27th. And they are of dubious use now.

Traffic is a FPS killer. Unless you specifically need it for the flight you are taking, definitely turn it off. It’s not worth the fps loss just to see other aircraft around. Many of which are incorrect representations of the aircraft anywhere. Supersonic Bonanzas??? Hilarious.


I know I may get abuse for this comment…but I definitely think there has been a serious performance degradation since the last update. I only ever suffered bad stuttering when landing at busy airports with live traffic etc on…now I get stuttering at most airports with everything turned off. I have a high end machine (rtx 3080, 5800x 32gb ram etc).

Some sceptics could say that this has been done deliberately, so that the perf increase expected on the 27th will have a greater impact on peoples perceptions…(not that I am saying that myself ;))

That points to the direction of your internet connexion being the weak link. With a good connexion, I suffer no issues with traffic, like most other players. In fact I regularly participate to group flights with no issues at all. Ask those who participated to this week-end’s Paris-Dakar race, there were well over 100 participants, probably several hundred.

Absolutely not. Please refrain from posting if you are not willing to help.

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Well, first it was the airport, now it’s the clouds ? Which is which ? As I said, there are so many parameters and sources of stutters that noone can help you seriously if you don’t give hard figures, and for that, you would have to do what I said.

It can be the internet connexion that is laggy, it can be memory that is lacking and now the game is swapping, it can be the hard disk cache that is lagging, it can be some programs in the background interfering, it can also be your joystick which has faulty USB and sometimes just unplugging and replugging it can help. Many completely different causes and without precise information, it’s impossible to know. All I’m saying is your config should be able to handle the game just fine.

edit: as someone said before, in your first screenshot, the 91% memory full seems to indicate you are close to swapping. You need to close programs in the background, especially your web browser which is likely to use lots of RAM.

Or the game is poorly made. I have no issues with any other games on my pc except this one. And during that time it was using 22gb of ram I’ve never seen it use that much before. This a fairly new pc most of the parts are less that 6 months old so I know it’s not my hardware.

just because your sim is good doesn’t mean that’s it is for everyone not every pc is the same. They know they had lots of work to do.

Dude, I’ve been playing the game since the first day it went public. What you and a couple others here are saying are definitely not news to me. I’m VERYYYYY WELLLLL aware that every case is different and that there are issues with the sim. In fact I regularly report bugs. But your FPS drops are far worse than what should happen with your system, it’s completely unusual. Having a FPS framerate of 20-30 above the most complex airports is common with the current version of MSFS, but 5 fps, it’s not. Those who tell the contrary are in denial and probably have problems of their own that they didn’t bother to debug and blame the game for those. I can guarantee that they will continue to blame the game after the performance update, because they’ll realize that the upcoming performance patch didn’t resolve their core issue, and I can guarantee that it will NOT solve your problem.

Now if you are not willing to put that effort, we simply cannot help,

I’ve never said it was your hardware. In fact I’ve said the exact opposite. I even wrote: “All I’m saying is your config should be able to handle the game just fine.” What do you think that means ?

It’s most likely a SOFTWARE problem, or perhaps a connexion problem, but for me there are many possible causes before blaming the sim itself.
But you don’t seem very keen on resolving your problem, so I’m out.

It is poorly designed. It allows anyone with a 4k monitor and a low spec PC to configure ULTRA graphics. If this configuration and graphics settings can only display 10 FPS or lower, it is definitely poor software design, not hardware. If the system is too small to deliver ULTRA graphics, then the code needs to be fixed. Or the user should be locked out of the ULTRA settings and probably HIGH as well. Instead users are experiencing unreasonable FPS, stutters, and random CTDs.

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Have you heard of Crysis?

I don’t know very much about it. All I know is that it is a first-person shooter video game series that started about 15 years ago. What does this have to do with MSFS?

For years it was used as a way of torture testing hardware. It could be configured to bring even the fastest hardware to it knees. There was nothing wrong with the software, the hardware at the time insufficiently advanced.

MSFS cannot stop you from configuring graphical options that will overly tax your hardware either. If you are configuring the graphics settings for 4K Ultra on what you describe as low end hardware, why do you expect better performance?

I’m going to go out on a limb, and guess you are CPU bound, unless you are just talking anecdotally about others, and not yourself, but if not then the patch later this month should improve things for you.

I found your earlier post that listed your spec. Your processor is not as fast as my 9900K, so you are definitely CPU bound most of the time.


RTX 3080, i9900KF and 32Gb RAM and same experience here, I get 15-20 fps on large airports and +60 when on cruise.
The new update that comes on the 27th should fix this.

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At 4K? I used to get 40fps at Heathrow, and I was using a Nvidia 1080 with my 9900K at 1080p. Which airports?

Nope, 2k.

There seems to be a memory leak. Check this stream I did yesterday, I leave LEMD with pretty good fps, but when I arrive at GCTS my fps are like 10-15. However, if I leave from GCTS I get 40 fps on departure.

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Your FPS is definitely far lower than your system specs would suggest so something isn’t working correctly.
This is what I would attempt if I were you.

  1. Clean install of latest Nvidia drivers (Make sure you tick custom installation, not express and then checkmark clean install)
  2. Disable HAGS (Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling)
  3. Make sure Game Mode is set to OFF
  4. Disable fullscreen optimisations on the Flight Sim.exe file
  5. Disable DPI Scaling on the Flight Sim.exe file

If you don’t know how to do any of the above Youtube will help. Mark from the Flight Hanger did a good video a couple weeks ago showing the effects of game mode and hags specifically on certain GPU’s, and it killed frame rates. That might be having an impact.