Paris-Dakar Rally Race Day and Results Thread

Hello everyone! The second event of the 2021 MSFS Endurance Race Series, the Paris-Dakar Rally, is less than two days away from the time of this writing! Here’s some important information pilots will need to know for the race itself and how to submit your results after you complete your run.

Event Logging
To ensure everyone competes fairly, all racers must log their flights using Be sure to start the SimAir client before launching MSFS, and make sure your flight is being logged on the website. If you have a CTD, you will need to exit and manually restart the SimAir client before loading MSFS again.

Race Start Time
Wheels up at exactly 8:00am on July 3 in Paris (Central European Summer Time). You can use this countdown clock to see the exact race start time in your local time zone.

All pilots must fly on the Western Europe server.

Live Race Leaderboard
Community member InTheBlueYonder has created a website that pulls SimAir data and displays everyone’s position and remaining distance in real-time. You can track your position in the standings at

If you would like to chat with other race participants, feel free to use my Discord server. I highly encourage everyone racing to join the endurance race voice channel. During the Cannonball Run and IndyPac endurance races, everyone said this was a great way to enhance the camaraderie of the event and make new friends with other flight sim community members.

If you have any questions or need a rule clarified during the race, the best way to reach me is to post your question in the chat of my Twitch channel. Since I’ll be flying the race myself, I won’t be actively checking this forum thread during the event.

While the goal of this race is to have fun with other members of the MSFS community, remember that we are also raising money for a great cause, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). Please donate if you can, and if you’re streaming your race, please ask your viewers to consider donating as well. If you make a donation through this fundraising link, we can track how much money we raised as a community!

How to Watch
The following racers (listed below in alphabetical order) have indicated they intend to livestream their run. Stop by their channels and show your support!

Pilot Livestream URL
AEGALT (Engaltinka)
angryonehorn Twitch
Capt Arash Twitch
ComicCrazy3 Paris to Dakar Charity Endurance Race LIVE - YouTube
CrazyMuffins948 Redirecting...
Deluxe2007 Twitch
Hypertexthero Twitch
Jeff Cat NL Twitch
oldfirehead Twitch
RIKAAR Ambnt Twitch
rolymal9 Twitch
Twenty5Clocks Twitch
Zero36 Twitch

Additionally, @Forder1702 and members of his community will be providing reporting and live interviews with participating pilots throughout the race. You can check out his coverage at

How to submit your completion time
When your race is over, post a screenshot and a link to your logbook in this thread showing that you have a “Parked” status at Dakar (GOOY), similar to the example below. The deadline to submit your results is 2359Z on Wednesday, July 7. Anyone who has not submitted a completion time by the deadline will have their race time logged as 96:00:00.

Good luck, everyone! We’ll see you in the skies in less than two days. As always, please remember to promote the Doctors Without Borders fundraising campaign and donate if you can.


i missed the deadline to sign up while i was waiting to see if i could the days off from work. i got it so I’ll still be flying with y’all but won’t be in the competition this time. still super excited!!

Aww, that’s too bad @countryman51543. You could have signed up anyway and then cancelled your registration if you couldn’t get the days off works. :frowning:

Can we still change planes after registration?

Yeah, if you want to change your plane, let me know ASAP and I’ll update your registration.

Going out on a limb here, but going to go JMB VL3

Great choice! I’ve updated your registration, so you’re all set. Good luck with your race!

checking the weather for tomorrow… uhm… looks pretty ugly for VFR microlight VL3 when considering winds and clouds… that wont be an easy ride…

Wind will be a pain for everyone I’m afraid … At least until we reach the Atlas.

Forget the wind, seen the rain forecast for France tomorrow morning?

so i might have had a brain ■■■■ cause i should have thought that :rofl: it’s alright. i’ll still survive and hopefully be able to land with most of y’all

Why is ■■■■ censored?

Well there ya go. That’s just decided what my word of the day is going to be on the stream…

ok starting up everything… i won’t be on discourse… wishing everybody clear skies ! See you in Dakar… hopfully… somewhen… :wink:




Can someone explain to me how Jeffcat managed to get a DA40-NG to do 5gal per hour fuel burn rate at 100% throttle and do 160kts into a head wind. And get a DA40 from Charles De-Ghaule well into Spain before stopping for fuel.

I’m not calling him a cheater, but if it’s a spade, I’m calling it a spade.




My $2 cents : 5 gph (35 pph) for cruise is what I have in my Little Navmap profile (that I made it while doing my training flights) for the DA40, it’s typically what I do at high crusing altitude around 22 000ft at full throttle. This gives 150kts at full throttle / no wind.

I also note he was not at full throttle, at 140 kts, for a large part of the run.

Although I did make a stop in France today for the race, I did a couple LFPG → Spain runs in accelerated time as a preparation, and yes, managed to do a first refuel in the middle of Spain a couple times.

So I do not see anything conclusive of treachery here.

eventTime: 2021-07-03T22:36:49.539Z


eventTime: 2021-07-03T23:09:04.352Z