I can't update the simulator from Microsoft store

Hi everyone.

I cant update the simulator from Microsoft Store. I started many times the simulator, I stopped many times the games services from Windows and I also updated the windows version and my video card drivers.

My Windows is Windows 10.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance for helping me

Install the Xbox app if you have not already. Also please search the forum there have been countless threads about updating problems.


Thanks Blitzer303! I’ll do it.

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Our friends say that we need to install the xbox app in our Windows. I’m going to try this later and I’ll comment the result.


Finally … Installed XBox app and opened game from that… hit ok for mandatory update … manually clicked the Get updates button in the normal store … showed up and is installing the 53GB of update … good grief… was hoping to fly tonight but think it ain’t going to happen … when 25 MB download is not enough because the download appears to be throttled … oh goodie

Caveat, I am NOT a games programmer ner nuthin’, but is it REALLY that difficult/impossible a programming task to have this doggone sim simply update itself with each frequent new iteration and Hotfix, rather than making millions of customers jump through these various silly hoops just to fly a make-believe airplane? There’s just GOTTA be a smarter way to update this software automatically. I mean really, it sure seems like Windows 10 somehow manages to update itself without needing MY input.

Good morning everyone!

Everything works fine after install xbox app how you said.

Many many thanks for helping me.
Thanks friends!

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53 GB is the whole sim. Please be sure you have selected the correct download location.

Good to hear that has worked for you - enjoy! :sunglasses: