I have a question about achievement named My Way

Glad that worked for you. Must have been a good feeling when it finally popped!!

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Has got me wondering if flying out of and to payware airports somehow borks this achievement?

Can’t switch the angle of view outside the aircraft during the whole flight ?

I did look around outside during the flight, but that was before SU5. Who knows what the requirements are currently or what doesn’t glitch.

I finally got the achievement yesterday after about 30ish flights. The achievement popped mid flight from KSAN to KSFO. I listed some of the characteristics of my flight below.

  1. 787 Dreamliner

  2. KSAN to KSFO - using high-altitude airways - allowing MSFS to create the flight plan for me. Used parking spot for departure and parking spot for arrival.

  3. Started Cold and Dark from parking

  4. Ground services used: Catering, baggage, and Jetway Connection. Forgot to use power service. I never ended catering or baggage, I allowed them to end by themselves. Not sure how long it takes. At least 2-5 minutes…

  5. I did not follow IFR taxi plan before my departure from KSAN. For some reason I couldn’t get the plane to turn left onto the runway. So I did a loop back to where Ground told me to hold short.

  6. I never closed any windows. I only used Checklist and ATC windows. I DID minimize windows frequently.

  7. I never used 3rd person camera. Always cockpit cam.

  8. AutoPilot used, that is, I used the AP button for flight. I did NOT use Co-pilot whatsoever.

  9. I DID NOT use taxi guidelines to find my way around.

  10. I manually communicated with ATC the entire flight.

  11. I was flying high over Gilroy, CA when the achievement popped. I believe I was beginning my decent because I added my approach to the FMS and my my plane made a U-turn I had to correct.

  12. During my U-Turn is when the achievement popped. :laughing::man_shrugging:t4:

  13. “Flights of Fancy” achievement popped 4 minutes before i got “My Way” achievement.

  14. I fly both on PC and Xbox. I got “My Way” during a flight on my PC.

It is worth mentioning that I almost never fly 3rd person and ALWAYS start cold and dark to fly from parking spot to parking spot. So it is possible, the achievement was for some previous flight….maybe. Hope this info helps someone!

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Can you pop this post over to:

Dont want to just copy and paste your info as I’m unsure how to tag you.

Also can you explain more on what you mean when you said you added your approach?
Surely your approach was already preloaded when you selected KSAN to KSFO high altitude. ILS/RNAV etc. Why did you have to input it again?

Thanks for your info :smiley:

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On it. Moving post now, thank you!

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The use of lights may also be a problem