I want to explore Mother Russia, any advice on what to see in Bushtrips?

So, I decided my next destination would be to explore Mother Russia, especially the nature parts, as I only fly Bushtrips.

Since this is the largest country on earth (I think), does anybody have some advice on what to include in my route in MSFS ?

I will start in Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) where my Grandfather was born in 1905 when it was still German and haven’t decided where to go from there. Propably up North and East over the sea to enter Russian territory again at St. Petersburg and then ? No idea :slight_smile:


Give this a try: https://bushtalkradio.com/


Good choice, I did this from my home airport in england to alaska, attempting to follow the transiberian for most of it. All uploaded here in 175 videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmzOsvLA0dhnctyl-d_hv3iba7rb6tW09

Sadly the scenery gets very poor in the north east, and forget about following the north coast - looks like FSX.

From St Petersburg to Nizhny Novogrod it’s all good though, rest of the transiberian is a bit patchy but not too bad.

Microsoft have acknowledged that Russia is missing a lot, and say they are trying to get more image data from the russian government.


Yep, map coverage is very patchy in most of Russia.

Here’s my experience in Russia

It’s a huge country! I mainly enjoyed learning about the culture while flying on auto pilot. Not much interesting to see outside, more time to look up information about the places I’m visiting. Kamchatka is probably the most visually striking in the sim.


I’m beginning to think that maybe I wait until MSFS has better Satellite Data for Russia.
Anyway, I started my journey from Kaliningrad and will see how it goes.

Thanks all for the Ideas on what to visit !