ILS landing went wrong

Can you post a panel screenshot when you are using the travel to function?
Is the A320 in managed or selected heading when this happens?

There is a genuine bug when you’re flying into your Arrival Pattern, and the AP just ignores the next waypoint to head straight for the runway. But this bug happens automatically, not because you press LOC/APPR.

I never had any issue with LOC/APPR.

Ohhh… you know what… Check your Assistance settings, make sure everything is set to Hard/True to Life. I think your Landing assistance is conflicting and “fighting” the ILS approach.

I have no assists on and when i dont press APPR, the plane doesnt go around. So lt means its caused by APPR

I assume it turns around when using LOC as well?

No not using LOC

Only APPR introduces the bug

Now that’s even more strange since APR doesn’t have anything to do with the LOC/lateral navigation.

What happens if you wait with APR until the GS indication starts to move?
(That’s a requirement with many SOPs IRL)

Just to make sure, if you use LOC, the A320 intercepts the localizer, but using APR it doesn’t?

No youre right

Issue with flight plan

  • Aircraft/Autopilot doesn’t follow the Flight Plan. Solution: Open Windows 10 Control Panel > Region > Administrative Tab > Change System Locale… Uncheck: “Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support ” - Reboot the computer.


I am very sprry. Actually it is the AP button that introduces the bug not the APPR BUTTON

Whenever i press AP, it turns me around

You are flying the whole flight until the approach without AP and you engage it only for the approach?

Or is it the other way round. If you disengage the AP and the A320 is starting to turn, it’s a joystick problem.

Again, one or two screenshots might help with troubleshooting.

I hate to have to say it but what if you don’t use the Travel To function? What if you fly the whole flight normally and then try the ILS approach? What happens?

This is kind of an obvious test…

I still cant get the ils to align

Weird. Must be something wrong with your install or something you’re doing wrong because I certainly don’t have any problems. This is with the default A320?

Again, without screenshots its impossible to troubleshoot, especially it’s not even clear if you are using the autopilot!

See when i am aligned with runway and press AP, it turns me around

Yes, we know that already.
Again, at this point we don’t even know if are engaging or disengaging the AP.

Anyway, since you still didn’t provide any useful information I’m leaving this thread.

I do hope that you will find out what the problem is. :slight_smile:

I am engaging pl dont leaveeee

So you are not engaging the AP after take off and you are doing the whole flight until the approach manually?

Are you using the FD when flying manually?