IndiaFoxtEcho F35 Lightning

It would have been nice if we could turn the HMD on but keep it off from the canopy directly in front of you. Now the same information is being displayed on top of each other.

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Received version 1.1.7 through marketplace today. Unfortunately the aircraft still randomly stops following the gps route (the purple line) on the VFR Map.

I just tested it and I don’t have this issue. HMD symbology only comes alive if I’m looking out the canopy

I think hud should stay off when HMD is active. afterburner sound has also changed. The F-35 now sounds more like the F-15 and F16 by DC Designs. I’m not sure if it has been changed intentionally or a bug has broken the sound.

I think HMD pops up a little too soon. When I move the camera around just a little bit, it pops up causing the it (The HMD) to appear too close to the hud.

Interesting, I’m pretty sure mine stays “blanked” in that position. I’ll have to check again.

It is possible that Xbox version is only affected and not the PC. Maybe the developer can confirm that.

That’s unfortunate. As far as I know the real F-35 doesn’t have a traditional Heads Up Display and solely relies on the Helmet Mounted Display. Having both enabled at the same time is a mistake.

any idea why theres no ground steering , i was using a profile that has ground steering activated on f16/18 thanks

There is ground steering, but it becomes more and more impossible the lighter the aircraft is. When you return from a flight with empty tanks it’s nearly impossible to control on the ground, while it’s much easier when the tanks are full.

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There is ground steering.

I have one profile for all the aircraft I fly, the F18 introduced nose wheel locking and all I did was at a button to enable or disable that. I made no other changes and the ground steering F35 works for me exactly the same as that in the 172.

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I agree, the HUD should be off when the HMD is active. As per your screenshot, at certain points, both are showing and its just plain daft.

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In my opinion, HMD should appear on the screen only when the pilot has fully turned his/her head to the left or right but not any sooner. Or deactivate the Hud completely once HDM is turned on

The developer can fix the problem with an update. IndiaFoxTecho.

i have a f18 profile but that doesn’t work. what is the title of the binding to enable ground steering please

is it a problem with the coding, as my f18 profile doesnt work.

From the F18 thread

Good morning to all F-18E sim pilots, here’s important information for a new Sim Update 9 feature. To be able to steer the jet on the ground below 80 knots, you need to bind a key/button to “SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT”. The first press will turn on the steering and give an NWS indication in the HUD, subsequent presses will toggle between NWS and NWS HI. Once turned on, the “TOGGLE G LIMITER” command will turn NWS off. Tutorials on the new CRS steering modes and waypoint/SEQ management to…

So search for SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT and bind a key to that then toggle this to lock or unlock the nose wheel on the F18. You don’t need a specific profile for the F18, you just need this binding

Since the latest update on Xbox other F35s in multiplayer have no sound at all now it was already disappointing sound in multiplayer but now they are completely silent

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F/A 18 sounds really nice in the skies. F-35 can improve if someone brings these problems to the attention of the developers.

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Yeah the FA18 sounds awesome in multiplayer shame no other jets sound this good in multiplayer

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If you take a specific profile for the F-18 that Sets Nosewheel Steering and then use it on a plane other than the F-18, the command overwrites the default steering value and essentially disables it.