Is anyone else really dissapointed?

Look I haven’t had enough time in the game but to be honest so far I’m not that impressed.

The UI feels like Windows 8. Its not intuitive, even just adding in the surface wind at an airport is more complicated than it needs to be. I feel like the interface needs to be made less blocky and more practical.

The physics seem awesome and so does the weather, which looks amazing as do the airports and that is exciting. But my PC can’t even run it properly (9700k with an RTX2080). Sorry but my PC isn’t a slouch so the excuse that its “hard to run” doesn’t fly with me. I feel like this is an excuse that Microsoft is using to release a game that isn’t ready.

The other thing I am not that impressed by is the A320 model and yes, I do know I am being picky but its advertised as having a working FM etc. The modes don’t work properly (e.g. NAV, DES/OP DES), the FM doesn’t work properly and it just leads to a frustrating experience. I get that its a default aircraft but if you have a default aircraft and you advertise it as having certain functionality then it should actually work.

The whole game to me feels like they have released it early instead of making sure that it was actually ready. Little things like having lights in the middle of taxi ways or service vehicles just cutting in and running through you. It all really distracts from the game.

Not really happy about paying to beta test Microsoft’s new sim.

Rant over :laughing:


Appreciate your honest review and feedback! We do have lots we can and will be improving on, especially around the points you mentioned. If you are up to it, we would love any of the bugs you’ve found reported through Zendesk so we can track and fix them for the future!



Sure I would be happy to but please also realise that my issue goes deeper than bugs. Its the games core performance and functionality that is not acceptable.


I have everything on ULTRA using a GTX 1080, 8 processors (with MSI PRO motherboard). MY SSD being used for ABLETON Live it’s not even on an SSD and this simulator runs perfectly, and is beyond gorgeous. Not all computers are built equal I guess.


I feel your disappointment. Pre-release you don’t think about this stuff because nobody talks about it. I’m sure the issues will be worked out soon enough though. Until then just consider yourself a beta tester ; )

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You do need to keep in mind, this is a flight sim game - other flight sims which look nothing like this run way worse.


Jump in a 172 at JFK and tell me how many frames you get taxiing around the airport.


I have a gtx1080, I am playing on a mixture of high and ultra and 1440p and I never drop below 30fps. I am actually impressed by the performance. Maybe you have hardware issues, or everything turned up. The game is built for future hardware, don’t expect to have everything on ultra and get 60fps


I reported an FPS bug and the dev’s just basically told me it was my PC so idk what to do there lol

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its day 1 of launch.

im not dissapointed.

however, i would prefer more utilities for those of us with sim pits or slightly advanced setups.

most bugs we currently have will be addressed.

im more concerned for features not present in fs2020 that exist in the other main sims.


What features are you referring to?

proper multi monitor support.

garmin/glass “pop out”


ABSOLUTELY Disappointed!! Have been trying all day to get running and no luck!!! My system requirements well exceed minimum!! So sad! Booo Microsoft!!!


Nothing works!! Can’t even run the training without it completely halting before loading!!


Yes its a flightsim game…But you plunk down 120.00 youd expect it to be way more functional. The A320 sounds are unrealistic along with B787…Ive never heard knobs turn that loud. The scenery looks a little cartoonish. Its blurry, the AP is not up to par…And wait I thought they said 37,000 airports…Some looks amazing but …Oh yea the trees ontop of mountains bigger than the buildings?
Oh my specs:
i7-8700k OC 5.0
2080ti FTW3 11gb
64gb 3600 mhz ram
… not a potato


absolutely disappointed. the flight dynamics are ridiculously. I have phone flight simulators that handle better than this game. my joystick does not work properly. I would’ve expected more from Microsoft than just satellite images and lots of trees. This is a let-down for generations of microsoft flight simulator enthusiasts


I am incredibly dissapointed to the fact as well I cant even start the download of the game and have been trying since 9pm PCT yesterday


I’m a FS guy since the original… and this sim is truly fantastic. I think the UI is somewhat less than optimal… not especially intuitive, but also not bad. I’m finding my way around ok… and I think that I’ll be more comfortable over time.

The real disappointment for me is setting up flight controls… that was a pain to understand… and some parts are still a mystery… for example, my analog throttle axis acts like a switch… either full throttle or idle… but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Disappointed that all of the commercially available sticks/yokes are not identified with presets… there aren’t that many… so no reason why they all couldn’t be detected. I had to start from scratch with my Saitek AV8R-01…

But overall, not remotely disappointed. This is the best sim ever made.


Sounds good, but can you please make sure you add mouse yoke first!

Would love if you could share guess you got your Saitek AV-8R working right. I’m having a similar problem you described… analog stick but left/right/up/down are acting like an on/off switch and make it next to impossible to regain control. I’m only able to fly successfully by using the rudder controls. My calibration is fine in the Saitek settings and I’ve tried adjusting sensitivity but with no success.