Just Flight announces 172sp Classic Enhancement mod for MSFS

It really will help you to READ the documentation that comes with the plane.

Unfortunately, you were not born with that knowledge already in your head … you have to read and learn it, ( Like most things in life ) if you want answers, and do not want to be totally dependent on others.


One of my weaknesses…too lazy to read…gotta work on that.


That’s like the developer saying :

Documentation – One of my weaknesses…too lazy to write…gotta work on that.

Most would find that “unacceptable”

I’m not in charge of the nuclear football; I just fly sim for fun. Take it easy, friend. :slight_smile:


-bites tongue-:stuck_out_tongue:


Forums exist for people to communicate. If you do not want to provide support here (against forum rules anyway) and condescend to people who ask questions, I’d recommend just leaving it be and letting people help each other as already happened before you came in. :slight_smile:



3rd party Product support should be elsewhere. ie Discord, website, or the products own forum.

So apart from stating the Obvious – “Read the Documentation” , 3rd party support is limited here in the forum, by it’s CoC, for exactly the reasons above.

Yup, but the idea is that companies and their representatives are not supposed to use the forums as a place to provide official support. Users asking each other questions is not the same thing. I think we all occasionally have our “totally didn’t read the manual” moments, or like the social aspect of asking other humans a question rather than referring to the documentation each time.


anyone could point me the direction of a spad.next profile for the KAP 140 - Saitek Multipanel for this plane? mine is not working properly with the ones i tried :confused:

First time I’ve been in the WB-Sim 172X since a few months before the update.
Had a helluva time getting her started, ran the battery dry, couldn’t then get chocks off (left ‘em on, so I did :roll_eyes:) , and generally had to step back and regroup.

That’s what happens when you get complacent after a period with other offerings, and return to this superb aircraft with its near no-forgiveness implementation.
Back to basics, back to the manual, back to the POH. It’s all there and it’s very much required reading, such is the close-to-RL nature of this amazing aircraft.
Add to that, state saving and you’d better remember to fully secure it and remember how you left it :grinning:.

Eventually got in the air, cleared up some fouling, and remembered why I love this bird so much.


if i delete the pms50-172-gnd430 from the ContentInfo - i will be able to use ther WTT 530:?

or how can i be able to use the WTT mod

not sure why, but the stock gns is lagging a lot for me

The GNS530 in the 172 Mod is not the PMS50, it’s based off the PMS but it’s their own code, so you can’t use the WT with it at this point. The developer is considering using the WT once it’s in final release, but not while it’s in early access. A full discussion is on his Discord channel.

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Since the last update, they have included blocks and tie-downs, the question is how do you remove them?
I have tried clicking on them but I can’t remove them
Any help would be appreciated.

I have tried to join the discord but the above link doesn’t work.

There’s a hidden menu in the ADF panel.
Click on the ADF screen and turn the knob to scroll through the options.
It’s in the manual, page 10 :wink:

Discord try that one, I just cut and pasted it from the channel.

Thanks for the info.

Reading the manual is a must lol.

The checklist needs to be updated next.

Has anyone been able to throw it into a proper spin?

My procedure has been throttle back to 1500, slowly pull back until stall horn, then full pull back, full left rudder, hold the controls like that… this should put me in a nice left turning spin but instead it just lingers in a semi stalled state… I try to have it in utility with less then 30 gal onboard.

Anyone have success in spinning it?

That got corrected for the release, 1.0.5 in Mid November 2022
Thanks to you, and your constructive feedback … Thank you … :+1: