Live Q & A via Twitch

Yes. Thank you for better explaining what they said.

No. I just heard Jorg say DFW and Atlanta.

May I also say thank you to @Jummivana for getting all of our questions answered. I really appreciate it!!!

‘Getting all of our questions answered’?

What Q&A were you watching?


Well I have done about 10 flights since the last patch and only seen lightning Once and it was in an area with regular storms. Please don’t assume if a relatively small number of simmers see this issue it means the asobo devs just need to start up the sim to see the issue.


I think the problem I have with the lightning is that, both my SO and I have been doing carribbean flights and get the lightning when no storm clouds are present. It has been every single flight. I will add a photo showing lighting when I get home.

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This is absolutely false. He said they’re investigating it and they haven’t yet found what in the code causes it.

Didn’t answer the question about lack of AI traffic.

‘All our questions…’



Nope. Not false. I watched it with my own eyes.

God forbid they missed one. I am SO wrong.

You haven’t watched well enough. You’re misquoting a developer and that’s not Kosher.

Since I’ve seen a few people doubting the success of Microsoft Flight Simulator, here’s what Head of Microsoft Flight Sim Jeorg Neuman (from Microsoft) said today in the latest livestream.

“We are growing the team on all sides. We’re growing the team on the Microsoft side, Asobo is growing the team…

This has been — and honestly, you’ve made it that — this has been a great success. It’s seen as that at Microsoft. This is a great, great success.

And that’s because you guys engaged. You’re here, and we’re here too. We’re growing this and we’re going to make this just awesome. That is our commitment.

We’re listening. Hopefully, you feel that we’re listening, and we’re also acting and not just talking about stuff. We’re bringing updates currently every two weeks, which is a lot, but fundamentally this is a platform that is thriving and I think we see it from third-parties, hopefully from us.

And yes, it takes some patience which is always difficult, but I think it’s going to be just an awesome journey to be on.”

This should put the topic to rest. :sunglasses:

If you’re wondering, they also debunked the Xbox VR rumor and said that the sim is releasing on Xbox “sometime in the next year.”


Doesn’t debunk or put it to rest for me. Just so much wrong here.


I’ve also posted a couple of posts on this topic too with my own before/after comparisons for patch 2 and patch 3

Very happy to help with providing screenshots to help with this


Thank you for another insightful session.
Could it be an option to send 4-5 questions to MS/Asobo some days in advance of the Q&A?
If you pick some of the hottest topics and give them a chance to prepare some answers?

That way we will be able to cover more and also get some more detailed answers.


Sorry you are correct should have said “Memory handling bug”

it would be even better to just reply to the threads on forum and close them after their response. No hassle.
And keep monthly Live QnA for new updates, pending updates, wishlists, etc. c


Is it possible the convo about the lack of AI traffic kept going back to licensing for liveries and models because they are related?

E.g. part of the reason some of the AI traffic is not generated is because there is not a corresponding licensed model of the aircraft to display? Rather than remap everything to a generic model, they are waiting to obtain the rights to use the actual name and model?

will it come with update 5 tommorow?

I fly almost daily, always with live weather, and I‘ve never seen it either. Which of course doesn‘t mean the problem doesn‘t exist.