Live weather fix (workaround)

Kudos goes out to whoever first posted this elsewhere (did a search but couldn’t find it again)

Just thought it might be worth bringing it to people’s attention again as I’ve been using this workaround for a few days now and the live weather is working 100% with it so far.

Follow these steps and you should get live weather wherever you are.

  1. Choose your departure airport.

  2. Choose preset weather to clear skies. (DO NOT choose live weather at this point)

  3. Spawn at your chosen departure point and confirm that it is clear skies (sometimes it seems to remember previous weather, it must be clear skies for this to work)

  4. If it isn’t clear skies go back to main menu and try again.

  5. If it is clear skies you can now set live weather by clicking on the drop down menu bar from within the cockpit. Select live weather (and time if you want) from here. You may have to wait for a few seconds for the live weather to appear.

You should now have the live weather, and so far over my last 20 flights or so it has been very accurate to the real weather reported from various websites.

Once you have finished your flight and you want to start another at a different location just choose preset weather to clear skies again before you spawn at the airport and then switch it to live from the in cockpit toolbar after you have spawned.

Hope it works for you as it’s been a lot more fun with live weather that matches what I would expect.

And thanks again to whoever it was who posted this originally.


Thanks for the write up XTC! I will give this a try on my next flight.


i hope there will be an update. These problems are there still day one and no patch solved this issue.


Well, my first flight after doing this made no difference. Going from Clear skies to Clear skis (IRL) worked great! :slight_smile:

I will continue doing this as I continue on my WWT to see if it works.

I believe this was mentioned by the devs in a Q&A and then someone posted it. It is due to a caching issue both server side and local PC.


Well just try a few trips outside of your world tour and choose a few spots that don’t have real weather that is clear so you can see it works :slight_smile:

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Oh, must admit I didn’t hear that in any of the devs posts, maybe I missed that bit. Anyways if it works like this is must give them a good starting point to work out what the problem is.


Veeeeery interesting. Thanks for the post! Wonder how enroute weather will be then for a long haul. More accurate or no? Hmm.

Regardless, he sim has a great way of blending weather. I used to hate those clouds in FSX that would pop suddenly once the airport reporting the weather changed (or had old data).

Either way, thanks again for the post as I missed this info earlier on.

The weather changes correctly as you fly to your destination as well when using this method


Well it’s working ok for me I did a 300 mile flight that real weather reported as cloudy and 11C with winds at 14Kts from NW at departure and Stormy at my destination with 35Kts wind. It was spot on in sim.
Hope it works for you.

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Excellent sir! And thank you!

I actually did a copy and paste with this info on my iPad and pasted it into Pages to print as a reminder. Hopefully a permanent fix is in the works as they seem to be on the verge of finally solving this issue of live weather!

Live weather for me seems to work and matches Meteoblue website’s reports whether I follow this method or not, at least in the country and areas where I mostly fly. That being said (and a little off-topic), the AI ATC nowadays doesn’t seem to care about which direction the wind is coming into the runway, and instead gives me to land at whatever runway it fancies. So if I choose RNAV rwy 09 cause the wind is coming from 050 degrees, it still grants the approach but adds “circle to land on rwy 27”. WTF?? :upside_down_face:

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I have four more flights to fly today so I should see your fix work. Thanks!

Unless of course you are in a really sunny part of the world :slight_smile:

For me typical is that I must restart the computer to get a valid weather.

Sometimes I get right wx ( according to METAR) in the world map view after having chosen the dep airport.
Then when loading of the flight is ready and camera is circling above the airport and plane the wx is different… And when I start I get clear wx 29.92 etc.

Lol…like where I lived until three years ago - Tucson, Arizona. Talk about the weather being dejavu. It was like out of the movie Groundhog Day.

“Today, sunny and 100°, tomorrow sunny and 100°, big change coming up for Wednesday though…sunny and 102°…”


Ah, see? No need to restart anymore! On my end it seemed to be always to be a more of a hit or miss situation.

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Well try what I posted, you won’t have to restart anymore, it’s been working 100% for me.

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Come to the UK, 80% of the time it’s about 10C and grey with rain :slight_smile:


Lol - sounds like our northwest in areas! But really, living here in the Midwest now weather is much more diverse than the desert southwest on a day to day basis. I used to really look forward to the summer monsoon season there as the skies would just turn dark as coal when they rumbled up from Mexico.

Where we are now is right on the fringe of what is known as tornado alley. This past summer was pretty quiet for storms though.

This new found workaround for live weather puts a totally different spin on things for me here. We had wind gusts here the other day that in real life would have kept me grounded in my C-172 but wanted to try anyways. Sim showed calm winds. Sigh. So glad those days are over.

Did have one day last year it looked pretty ominous though…