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hmm thats right. and due to nda i dont think i should just copy & paste

i thought they mentioned it on the public q&a also but maybe i was wrong

to paraphrase… they think their model approach should be reasonably close to the metars but they arent using the metars.

Have you try to fly on VATSIM with MSFS (for my own, I am an IVAO guy…) ? Free plugins can easily inject the information delivered by the metars. If MSFS has not yet implemented this essential feature in the sim, I am not sure that Vatsim can do it. But I hope I am wrong…

I have the same problem

As of yesterday I was never able to get live weather to work in the US. I went to Daytona Florida where there was a large thunderstorm, but instead I was greeted by low winds and clouds on the ground. No rain, no storm clouds, not even close to accurate. I tried other locations in the US with storms and they also failed to work. Hopefully this is being worked on.

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It’s important to report your findings and steps to repro via Zendesk. We need live weather issues to bubble up to the top of the list and that will only happen if everyone seeing issues reports it on there so it gets logged in the database.


Its kind of like voting :slight_smile: make some noise if this issue affects your experience. I know it does break my experience a little and I’m sure it’s not the way the weather engine was intended to be. I understand there’s bigger fish to fry at the moment but maybe we can at least get this bumped up on the priority list.

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I have been flying from east to west in the USA, did three legs yesterday and am on leg two of today’s trip right now. I discovered something interesting with regards to upper level winds. On my first leg at cruise (FL360) I was maybe able to top out around 435kts in the C700. Wind indicator was stuck @223/03 like we are all familiar with. Now on my second leg at FL320 doing around 445-450kts, same wind reading from the Garmin. Using the same load both times. Is it possible that upper level winds are in fact working and the indicator on the GPS is bugged in all the planes?

I’ve had that thought as well, but when manually setting winds to what they should be I noticed the sound of the wind and the flight dynamics changed so doesn’t seem to be the case, unless it’s even more broken than it looks

No. It’s really broken. Windsock matches the appearance of winds from 225 at 3 knots.

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Weather was working for me yesterday. Today is a no go. Southeast usa

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Yeah…Was hopeful, but its probably because I was higher in alt on the first leg and the barber pole on the speed tape was lower, hence lower speed. That by the way is another bug and obviously related to the aircraft and not weather.

I wanted to share my feedback from someone coming into this fresh based on the pitch… live weather conditions:

I just loaded into game and its clear skies and sunny. Out my real life window looking in the same exact direction in-game and I’m looking at… storms and raining! It’s been this way in real world for about 2 hours. Pretty disappointed but understand this might be launch blues.


Well this is very disappointing if this has been a bug even in the alpha, I thought it was a minor bug that was going to get fixed. I was really looking forward to realistic live weather but instead I get clear skies and 15c when it’s 30c and cloudy. Another time I got overcast in the game when it was clear skies irl. It hasn’t been anywhere close to correct yet. The other problem is there aren’t many custom weather options available if you want to “design” a weather system to create building storms for example, just presets.


I am still waiting for the download to complete, but would someone mind looking at KRNO? Real world visibility is 3 miles in smoke, and I wondered if MSFS would present that as fog or actual smoke or not at all.

Thank you!

I would but my live weather not working at the moment. Just loaded it up. Clear skis 1knot of wind

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Looks to be partly cloudy on mine.

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Not matching the METARS isn’t the problem - we are seeing CAVOK everywhere. It would be temporarily tolerable, though not ideal at all, if there were differences but conditions were somewhat close. But this bug is just clear skies no matter where you go.


Looks like Live Weather causes small freezes if the servers are overloaded.

When the Live Weather does not work it’s easy to reproduce : switch to a preset, then back to Live Weather, if the servers are overloaded you’ll get a freeze and no update to the weather.

So when playing with Live Weather, there can be random freezes as it tries to update it if servers are overloaded.

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I have been seeing a bunch of videos for the last 4 weeks, and I have a few suggestions regarding live weather:

  • Live weather does not appear to depict surface visibility well at all. This can be tested in locations such as New Delhi and Mumbai, where visibility never usually crosses above 3-5SM on a good day due to smog and humidity respectively. The skies in these places looked like we were flying in a small town out of Montana with >20SM visibility all around.
  • Is there a way for the developers to either implement smog/mist in live weather, or leave it to the user to limit surface visibility and upper visibility as was done by Active Sky for P3D? The former solution would be best!
  • Suggestion: Meteoblue has PM2.5, PM10 and other air quality metrics in their database. Can they use that to simulate visibility more authentically?
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It doesn’t work.

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