Live weather stuck on data from 16th May

Despite live weather being stuck for over a week, when live weather is “working”, at around 20:00z every day the weather depicted is for the next day.

Because the weather is based on a forecast model which updated twice a day. At around 20z the next update is due.

Not sure if I can comment because I might break NDA from the beta, trust me just wait and see

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Hello everyone, a fix has been applied and weather should be correcly updated. Please, let us know here.


Just did a flight from LOWI to LKMT, weather was on point.

Looking at the patch notes, I do not understand which of these line items addresses the issue we are having. Is this a undocumented change?


  • Reduced weather data bandwidth
  • Improved precision of live snow coverage
  • “Visual Effect Only” in assistance now does properly deactivate other weather effects
  • “Visual Icing” has been renamed “Icing” in the devmode because it impacts the whole icing system
  • “Icing” in DevMode only changes visual effects if “Visual Effect Only” is activated
  • Ice constant decay is no longer ignored outside of frost conditions
  • Accelerated pitot icing model while making it slower to defrost
  • Fixed pitot icing not scaling with the number of instruments
  • Fixed overspeed controller vibrations not affected by pitot icing
  • Decrease structural icing rate by a factor of 15 for severe icing (6 for moderate)
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So I have to ask, why does a “fix” need to continually be reapplied? Or do you mean it’s now fixed permanently?

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Nothing is ever permanently fixed. A small change to something that shouldn’t have any effect on anything will inevitably break something important.

Yes, but preventing regressions should be one of their objectives with each update.

Item number one relating to “reduced bandwidth”. What that means is that they have changed the compression algorithm of the live weather data feed to make it more efficient, which would mean that only SU4 clients would be able to decode the new data.

That is probably why live weather stopped updating last week - they probably left one server to continue outputting the old format, (with static data) while the rest of the servers were reconfigured for WU4 with the new streaming format. Just speculation on my part, but the moment SU4 finished installing on my computer and I launched it the sim, Live Weather was “back” and up-to-date - which is exactly what I suspected would happen.


Something very interesting just happened. I am flying from ELM to DTW in the CRJ at FL260. I wasn’t paying attention to the weather outside, but passing about 50 miles south of ROC, I suddenly saw a flash of lightning. I thought “Oh, not that old s___ again”, because I did not think that any thunderstorms were in the forecast for western NY until tomorrow.

Then I looked at the current real-time NEXRAD radar in Foreflight, and by God, there IS a cluster of thunderstorms from the Lake Ontario shoreline to about 40 miles south of Rochester. I went to outside view and swung the camera to look north, and I can visually see an isolated cluster of thunderstorms in almost the exact position shown on NEXRAD.

Either Live Weather is right on top of its game today, and correctly predicted these storms would form in that location at this time… OR they are now using real-time METAR surface thunderstorm reports to influence Live Weather - or (almost too much to hope for), they have added a NEXRAD real-time feed to the mix?

Maybe it’s all a coincidence, but some beta testers have been hinting at some kind of positive change in Live Weather with SU4…

Hows your upper winds?

For me they were spot on until it got to the magic 20:00z time when many live weather bugs have usually come into play, and since then they’re just stuck at 300/30, when in reality they are double the speed. Usually around 20:00z previously the bug has been present where it loads in the weather model for too far in advance, it’s meant to be fixed but I’m not so sure.

Cloud cover is pretty off for me at the moment too, have a feeling the bug is still at play

The weather is most definately off again after 20z.
I just tried to start from Juneau and the sim gives me rain, the cloud cover on the world map deviates significantly from Meteoblues live coverage.
I haven’t figured out yet whether it reverted back to past weather or whether it is giving me a forecast of the future.

it’s back to the same bug as before, showing the weather for the next day. It’s pathetic now all this time, all these reports and still not fixed.

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Yup. Just checked it with the Meteoblue forecast. It is now showing the weather that “might” happen in 24 hours.
But to be fair, this issue was not on the list of fixes, and the next two Sim Updates are also slated to have further weather improvements.

It wasn’t, but there’s been numerous other times when we’ve been told it is fixed, and it never is.

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Unfortunately at my airport the live weather is still completely wrong. In Sion (LSGS) live weather shows the whole airport and surroundings covered in snow, when the temperature according to the metar is 14 degrees. The cloud coverage didn’t match the actual metar as well. Isn’t it possible to fix the live weather for the whole world according to the metar-reports or do we seriously have to check all 20’000 airports separately?

MSFS currently uses Meteoblue forecast model for cloud cover. The only data it takes from METAR is wind, temperature and pressure.

However there is a major bug still present where around 20:00z it loads in the weather for 24 hours in advance the next day.

And, I might add, the supposed fix of the better resolution of the snow coverage is also not working.
I tested it at Dobbiaco today (before 20z), looked at the webcams, and Meteoblue’s snow coverage map, and yet the whole valley was covered in snow, which did neither represent the live coverage I saw, nor what Meteoblue reports on their maps.

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Ok but I think they should change their strategy then, since it doesn’t seem to work…with P3D and XP i get weather that is quite spot on and matches the actual real values. And i still don’t understand where the snow is coming from if they get the temperature from the metar. There wasn’t any snow there since months.