Loading a saved flight plan - A tip I did not know!

Ok I am sure the Warriors will know this but I didn’t - so if it helps someone - that’s great!

When you save a flight plan - two files are created - a .flt and a .pln. They are not the same! If you load the .flt file you are absolutely fixed to the settings you created at the time you saved, including time of day, weather, arrivals, departures etc.

But if you load the .pln you can then re-adjust anything you want. In fact the arrival and departure runways will be default as will the weather.

Sorry if this was very obvious but it was new to me - I learned something :-).


flt is short for flight and pln is short for plan: that makes understanding the difference a bit more easy and obvious, I think. When you save a flight you save everything, when you save a plan, well, you only save the plan. :wink:

But I doubt that when you save a PLAN you also get a flt file…? Afaik only a pln file is saved when you save a plan. And only a flt file is saved when you save a flight. (Perhaps a pnl should also be saved when you save a flight because as it is now plans are completely gone when you load a flt flight. Come to think of it… maybe you should manually save a plan in order for it to be loaded with the flight… But I’m drifting off here… :wink: )

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No he’s right I have a bunch of flp and pln files. And Ive only saved flight plan files. Load a file and see if your dont have both files there.

Dont know if hes right about the ability to change things (have no doubts that hes wrong about this) because I havent tried to change anything to date.

Good find!

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Actually, I did not realise you have a choice of two types when you save - I learned another thing - but if you save a .flt then a .pln is also generated. And as you already know they are entirely different ;-). As Jvan stated one is a flight and the other is a plan :smiley:

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If you’re in runtime (flight) and save FLT (state of flight), FPL isn’t saved.

This is bug from release day which I sent as first reports with other bugs about FLT/FPL Management. My info is about GA, I really don’t know if something other happen with Airliners.

Simply big bug is that you can save flight but not FPL which is absolutelly nonsense because it can be changed in runtime not only within World map :slight_smile: Till this time no one care about my recommendations to Vote for this, I don’t care also…


I’d like to be able to load a flight plan without going back to the world map.

It’s tedious to enter a flight plan manually on some aircraft.


It’s not about idea that

‘I want to fill FPL without going back to WM’…

You simply can’t do this :slight_smile: If you go to main menu (World map), you close actual flight so how you then can do that? :slight_smile:

You used to be able to change FPL in flight. Just like you used to be able to switch planes in midflight. All you had to do is hit alt, bring up the menu bar on the top of the screen and change whatever you liked. You cant do that now … like you stated now you have to goto the world map and start all over again, though I do suspect you might be able to go into the garmin and change your FPL there and then call ATC and cancel you current FPL and then Ask to execute the new FPL, I havent actually tried it, but looking at the garmin it looks like you can make those changes. The trouble with this for me is that it’s so dam hard to see the features of the Garmin unless Im looking at it close up, and without being able to reliably use the AP to fly while your attention is diverted elsewhere (I really want my 2D view with detachable gauges back).
I have in game diverted/canceled the FPL in flight, went off to do something else ingame, reconnect the ATC then ask for my last FPL to be reactivated.

@ WeaklyJester962

Can you be kind put the light how load FPL in flight? :slight_smile: Very appreciated, hope I’ll finally do this in my DA62 after month and few days after release…

I have it saved as FPL file already :wink:

You have to goto the Garmin, there is and has been buttons/screens in there for setting your destination and other factors. You should ‘again I havent done it this way just noticed that you could make those changes’ be able to select your destination. Then once all that is set call ATC and you’ll see the selection cancel IFR … you do that, then ask ATC for clearance for the new flight plan. It should work, but I really havent monkey’d with it much. I was just getting to that point (in flight boredom in FSX/Predpar3d). The screens are there you just have to make the appropriate settings. I dont see any reason why it wouldnt. Check the manual (is there one) for how to use the Garmin/G1000 screens.

Your not loading a FPL per se. Your creating a new FPL while flying more then likely you cant save it either. But you should be able to make the plan in flight then call ATC and tell them you want to execute it after canceling the orginal in-flight.

@ WeaklyJester962


can you be kind read again my post and answer to it? I understand how Garmin works, also from real life but want really answer to my question. Thank you very much…

LOL dont have real answers that just where you start. You know toward the bottom sides of the G1000 there are buttons that will bring up a screen that selects destination and all the other goodies. Its in there.

I usually fly VFR using the autopilot to change headings / speed / alt manually when needed or instructed to do by ATC. I have never used the AP and let it do landings automatically, I always land manually.

No problem,

don’t bother then. I can understand you can’t help me with issue that isn’t simply implemented, correct? :wink:

Its something that I havent really used. Ive just seen the screens are there. It should work but its gonna be up to you to figure it out. Or maybe later I’ll mess with it myself and see if I can get it to work. If I figure it out I’ll be sure to update the thread. With regards to the ATC I know you can cancel the FPL in flight, and then call back at a later part of the flight and ask to reload the FPL. I dont see any reason it wouldnt let you execute the changes you make in the G1000.

Again if I get the time I’ll play with it I’ll let you know.

You can try that easy.

Prepare flight, save FPL to file. Start flight. delete flight plan inside Garmin. Try load it from saved FPL file. Happy play…

Seems the same thing happens on Bush trips that have GPS aircraft, the flight plans don’t load after quitting and continuing on the activity.

I dont think you can load the FPL in flight from disc, I think you have to use the GPS to create a new FPL in game.

@ WeaklyJester962

eeeeehm ok,

I just only ask again if you really read about posts which we now waste time:

Correct, you can’t simply load a .pln while flying in MSFS. Afaik you could so so in FSX/P3D though. Asobo simply needs to implement that function again. :wink:

Totally OT, but you can actually load a plane while in flight. It only takes 4 or 5 more clicks than it used to in FSX/P3D but you can do it easily:

To go even more OT: you can also transport your plane to another airport/location using the appropriate option in that same dev mode menu. Again, no need to go all the way back for the menu for this!


Sorry, you are correct Sir I missed the ‘Load the FP’ part of your post my bad.