LOD problems - Trees, water

I can now see trees growing in front of me when i was flying near them

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Fly over KDFW… if you don’t see triangles and terrible LOD on buildings, then I give up. :wink: PS in an airliner… around 6k - 10k feet.

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Interesting. Especially as this problem has survived complete uninstall/reinstalls.

There are many long threads about LOD deficiency, so it is a common problem, which in my book is a bug. Many experienced alpha/beta testers also have the problem with the release.

But I will try your suggestion of swapping servers and see if it help, thanks.

What has an Airliner to do with graphdetails outside of the plane?

This pilot guy must be visually impaired

Trees never looked better.

But its a LOD thing, not a bug


Not sure why you are surprised? this was since release, the LOD fader in Msfs tied with the texture and Bing photogrammetry simultaneously
Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

Some people used to increase LOD from CFG
PSA: LOD Slider Can Be Increased Past 200 - Dramatically Improves Photogrammatery


As expected :slight_smile:

those are not photogrammetry objects you expert, but autogen.

Apples and oranges…

Failed again as expected

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Dude you are high stop posting your good sim shows. It might be working well and looking good for you however others it is not so stop posting and ■■■■■■■ people off.


I don’t care about other misconfigured PC’s.

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Still trolling X-Planer?

Looks good mate. Definitely doesn’t look that good for me. I’ll try the switching server trick see if that does the trick lol

:joy::joy: go up too 30.000ft and make a screenshot, and then over vienna 5.000ft pls!

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I’m not your personal photograph and not a game supporter. Do it yourself and provide pics.

You showed zero knowledge, again. Try KLAX 4K . Waiting for screenshot

i did. Look abov3. Max details, nothing misconfigured troll

You wont fool anyone here :grinning:

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That’s not 4k what you have shown. That’s Duke Nukem :smiley:

You posted this before latest update, the main topic said it look worst then before, and it’s not, same as before. “How to get rid of these ugly triangles?

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Bedtime. Enjoy the Sim and have fun.


That was a cropped part of 4K image if you cant comprehend.

I dont know why you still lie to people and argue. It is how it is.

I am more than satisfied, todays PCs cant handle better object LoD

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