LOD problems - Trees & Water

You are right and is ridicullus that the best thing in this game is geting worse every update, What a shame

Decided to create a bug thread about this, in case you are interested:

Thanks, and voted.

I just hope we don’t get any more LOD complaints, that tree shadows either massively impact performance, or cannot be seen from space. You know it’s coming. :wink:

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Wow AWESOME! Asobo should be paying you and some of us for fixing their patch issues !
I have a tree fix also that i made myself which i use for my version of FS, to bring down the height of the ridiculous 'trees on growth hormone" effect.

It at www.flightsim.to in the scenery/ other category. i belive there is a link on these forums too for it .

But thanks for this building fix!

Now if only there was a fix for the LOD slider to actually work the way it should. The LOD radius in default seems way too close even at a setting of 200 ( at least on my rig), and i dont think the Objects LOD slider does anything at all.


Thank you for your kind words and the Tree Height Fix!

As for the LOD problem, I’ve started a discussion in order to factually assess the issue and help Asobo identifying the causes (if any):

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update: I’ve made a stunning discovery in tree rendering distance and I’ve created a new discussion for this here:

and a 2.bug can cause 1.performance improvement.

Long time no see fellas, is it fixed already?

I have a weird issue with patches of trees disappearing as I get CLOSER.
Would think the opposite would be the problem, but nope, not on my end.

Try to delete the rolling cache in the game and then turn it Off.

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Are you using any “Tree Fix” ? If so, this might be related:
LOD problems - Trees Fix Revisited

Not using any mods.

Really not sure whats going on.

I’m starting to have an idea what’s going on. I’m doing a few comparative tests in adjusting the values in the file I’ve made a community fix which I’m posting in the aforementioned discussion.

In short you’re not alone. It is too long to sum up here and I’ll probably add the information in this other discussion later.

update: if you’ve set your Tree LOD to HIGH, try ULTRA or MEDIUM instead and trees shouldn’t disappear…

Hello CptLucky8, I think you’re onto something there. I changed the Trees Rendering to ULTRA and the distance in which the trees were displayed seemed to have doubled from the HIGH setting. Then I changed it to MEDIUM and the distance was half of what it was at HIGH.

This is what is expected. What is not is trees disappearing while you’re getting closer to them, and then reappearing as you’re continuing getting closer!

Here is what I mean:

tree size is affecting rendering LOD distance (bug)

tree type rendering LOD distance is affected by Tree LOD setting (bug)

Thank you very much for all this information and for your outstanding work!

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Thank you for your kind words!

We also must try getting their attention to the information I’ve disclosed in raising the vote count above their minimum threshold (the 30th in their list is 142 votes).

Let’s help us all:
please cast your vote to this discussion and tell your friends!


Asobo, get a nice cat to smash the bugs

sorry for the sound in the video. The draw distance is terrible compared to the previous version, I see soap the whole flight, there was no such thing beforehttps://youtu.be/sy1xHM4jdlQ

I downloaded the update. The problem of lod, wood, forests still exists. I don’t know what they did, but it got worse. The trees disappeared from several places where they used to be. There are also places where trees have appeared and have not been before.

After the upgrade, the FPS dropped drastically. The simulator stumbles flying over the forests. Getting worse…

Some examples of what we had before :frowning:
The Fps was even OK with this version
LOD was at 100%
Ground textures were a lot higher quality
Dunno what has happened to the sim but hopefully it gets fixed , because i miss these beautiful landscapes beautiful trees along the scenery and amazing lod of the buildings.
Also the water looked more WATER in my opinion.