Logitech G (Saitek) Flight Switch Panel not recognized by FS2020

Windows 10 Pro 64 lists the Flight Switch Panel under “Other Devices” in the “Bluetooth & Other Devices” section of “Settings,” but FS2020 does not recognize it. There are no software drivers on the Logitech website for it, but since I don’t believe (but I’m not sure) if the switches can be remapped since they are already labeled, I was hoping to see the Switch Panel listed next to the Yoke Assembly and Quadrant under Control Systems in FS2020.

Is anyone using a Logitech Flight Switch Panel? If so, I hope you can share some pointers on how I can get mine working with FS2020. Thanks!


They don’t work and wont until Logitech create some new drivers for us I expect. Even if they released drivers today we can’t use them well because of the SimConnect bug.

Those panels aren’t simply a joystick device so they need special code, which is in Logitech’s court.

Bummer. Thanks for the reply. I’m afraid I haven’t heard of the “SimConnect bug.” What’s that? Sounds like it was an issue before FS2020?

Any app using SimConnect causes stutters. No, the issue is new to the release build. It didn’t exist in alpha or beta apparently. We’re just lucky I guess!

Oh, I didn’t know that SImConnect was even used. I’m using the Logitech yoke assembly and rudder pedals and haven’t seen any stuttering, so I hope I don’t in the future. But it would be nice to get this switch panel working since it would save quite a few mouse clicks.

No, because those are seen as Windows joysticks.
If the switch panel is seen as a Windows controller then you should be able to map the buttons it in the sim.

I have the radio and multi-panel and can’t use those until a driver is release. I had assumed your switch panel is the same but maybe not. Does it appear as a device in the sim? If so then map the buttons.

No, it doesn’t appear as a device in the sim. It appears in the “other devices” section of Windows Settings, but it doesn’t show up in Windows Device Manager like the Rudder Pedals and Yoke Assembly does, which I thought was pretty strange. It doesn’t show up in FS2020 at all.

I saw the radio and mulit-panels for sale and thought, “nice. Next time.” I can’t believe Logitech is selling these without driver support. Did they buy out Saitek and not realize that they had some work to do before they should sell them?

The following site has a drive that supports all the Logitech/Saitek gear I might buy it because I don’t know when/if Logitech will support MSFS.

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Well, MSFS hasn’t been out long and of course the Logitech drivers support the sims that had been release so I don’t see why they shouldn’t sell them.

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I might also, if they state that it’s fully compatible with FS2020. Since that was just released, that would be a hard claim to make so soon.

True, Hopefully it won’t be long before they come out with updated drivers. Thanks for your help!

The only way I had them working in the Beta test was using Spad.next…no probs, they worked fine. That is the subscription version by the way


I just bought it. Now we just hope that Asobo fix the SimConnect issue soon!

There are at least a couple of addons you can use to make the panels work. Lordy Si make axisandohs which is said to be good but I use Spad.neXt which many use successfully. Just wait until Asobo sort out the fps problem with simconnect.

im using mine … spad.next drivers work great

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Looks like a Patch is been worked on to include addressing Simconnect -


With the official release of Microsoft Flight Simulator also comes the first public Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK release. We have reached a good starting point for scenery and simple airplanes, but there is still a lot to come in the future. Since the last release in the Closed Beta, we have improved the documentation on several fronts; most notably aprons, taxiway signs, painted lines and lights. We added samples for the lights and for navigation data. The developer mode has seen many issues and crashes fixed, and now has the option to build an entire project at once, rather than requiring the developer to build package by package.

For complex aircraft, WebAssembly is still undergoing active development. We are working on some much-needed features and providing code to help port existing C++ aircraft. In addition to this, we are also actively working on mapping out the functionality of the SimConnect API. We look forward to your continued feedback, which has proven to be invaluable so far!


Same problem here with Saitek radio panel, TPM,
Autopilot & trim wheel & the switch panel.
A lot of money there, fs2020 does support my rudder pedals however… little comfort.
How can MS introduce a flight sim that does not support one of the leading controls for simmers.

Disappointing to say the least .

Spad.next Im using multi panel, radio panel, switch panel, yoke, throttles, and rudder pedals… give it a shot, they work great for me.

Spad.next is a FPS killer for must of us, plus why will you pay for any software license to get working a device you already buy? shouldn’t the maker update their drivers and get it working?

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Guys head over to the saitek panels thread under peripherals, it’s been there for a while, it’s the biggest thread in the entire forum devoted to the subject.

I would urge you all to see Lorbys posts towards the end, he is a third party dev who has the software using sim connect like everything else, he is giving us more options than any other provider to make these panels work.

Once asobo fix up simconnect these will work flawlessly, nothing else comes as close as Lorbys Axis and OHS, head over lads as that is where the discussion is

And please support Lorbys Axis and OHS as he is a member in the threads like we all are so the support long term, the additional desktop instruments etc in the software make things like spad only be an ounce what he is offering :+1::+1::blush::airplane::airplane::blush::+1::+1: