Menu adjustment ideas

So this new popup menu system…very clean and good looking! But I have a few suggestions to make it better:

-Raise it up a bit to be closer to a traditional menu position, and reduce the size of the icons.
-Show the menu bar only when the mouse approaches it.
-Continue to allow customization of what is visible.
-AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Open it up to allow 3rd party developers to add their own menu icons for in-game service. A good example of this is “Better Pushback” needing to be launched from our desktop in a separate ‘window’ rather than enabling the plugin’s icon from YOUR menu system.

That may be a simple example, but there are going to be addons that may want to use this method. The forthcoming CRJ may not need it due to having in-cockpit tablet, but things that serve other purposes not tied to aircraft could find it valuable.!

Vote up!!

Hi there,
I like all of your ideas, however the rules of the Wishlist section only allow one request per post:

So I am moving this to General Discussion. You are welcome to log separate Wishlist topics for each item, however please note that your second request already has a topic:

Wishlist topic:

There are also a few other interesting toolbar topics:

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