Missing and floating runway lights

Hei, Im new to the forum, Im so tired of this issue now that I had to ask for help.
I have seen 1 or 2 posts about similar issues before, but seem like these are not so valid anymore.

However, my issues is that during night most of the times, there is no runway lights when arriving at an airport. Some times there is approach lights, but no runway lights.
Most of the times I can see apron and taxi lights. There can be runway lights when departing an airport, but when I come back to the same airport after a turnaround some where else, the lights are gone.

Other times the runway and taxi lights can be floating 5 - 50 meters above the ground.

Is there someone else who have these issues? Or if someone else have any idea on how to fix it. It doesnt matter if it is addon scenery or not.
I am so tired of this and it makes night flying terrible. And when I mostly fly i Norway, it is dark outside most of the day this time of year.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Try this:

Thanks for tip. But I have no issues with terminal lights, the problem is runway lights that doesnt work.

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A quick search would have shown this:

Yes, but I see maybe only 1 person here to comment on the same issues as I have. It is not what the thread is about

Search through wish list and bug reports. All of your issues are known and either :bug: reported or wishlisted. :wink:

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This has been an issue since release. I have not experienced completely missing runway lights but I frequently encounter disappearing/fading and floating runway lights, as do many others. I’m on Xbox FYI.

This is the thread:


I have the same problem. Before the 20th anniversary update, my airports had runway and apron lights on when I was coming in for the approach. Since the update, the whole airport is dark except for lights within the building itself. The apron, taxiways and runway are dark when I land at any airport, regardless of whether I use RNAV or ISL. When I depart from an airport at night then all the lights are on, but arriving is a different story. Any help will be appreciated.

Prior to sim update 11, at least I had visible runway lights arriving at most airports. Now they are totally gone.
According to MS/Asobo, they have tuned and optimized some functions and effect of both cockpit and external lighting.
Unfortunately for me it has killed all the runway light all together.

My hunch is that my GPU is getting way too old, it’s a 980 Ti.

How about others? Is this phenomenon occurring across the board, or is it may be due to aging GPUs?


same problem to me, discovered yesterday and also today. No lights on some airports, runways and taxiways. Worst in case of low visibility conditions that I had yesterday approaching EPKK as example. With minima approaching at EPKK, no runway lights and hard to simply land. Today (some minutes ago) same problem at LKPR Prague, look here:

Can you find something? No taxiways blue lights, only runway lights were worked, my luck because low visibility (300m). I can remember for sure because LKPR is my lovely destination, blue taxiway lights were there previously. For sure, no specific addons in Community, only WT addons and aircraft as before it worked ok.

Definitelly is something wrong with sim and LKPR, also with other airports, there aren’t taxiways lights (txw L to rwy24 look):


I have the same problem since SU11. No active runway and papi lights all around Europe. The Origin is always fine. The problem occurs at any destination I approached. Flew from Cologne to Mykonos, Tel Aviv, Cologne, Bodø and Kirkenes. I have only 4 add ons installed. Deinstalled them all, rebooted several times but the problem remains.

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Just played around with my settings and found out that I had the rolling cache set to off. So i set it up with 8 gb again and voila: for most of the airports in question the lights are on again. Only in norway the issue stays persistent!


really don’t know what to say now, I have rolling cache on from day 1. On other side, in LZIB Bratislava are taxi lights there as previously, not all but are there. Important to say, I don’t have any 3-rd party airports inside Community folder, only small ones (VFR airports) and lights were working on LKPR with them without problems. I’ll do some tests…

No any good news, after delete rolling cache (still enabled) nothing, LKPR completely without taxi lights.

I agree: The problem with partially lit runways and airports remains. But all my airfields in Germany just looked the way they have to when I activated the cache again. Before there was darkness all around - except for the airport I departed from.

Very important info only for sure,

I have no any World update installed! I fly with all stock airports, it’s enough for me and don’t need any World update still.

Did you also try turning it off for a while, restarting the sim, then turning it back on. It seems the rolling cache disabled may have been the issue for my floating runway lights as well, I’ve not experienced it since turning rolling cache on…but I had never used it before.

@ EchoEightSix


sry, can you be kind look at LKPR and confirm my problem with no taxi lights on airport? I have stock scenery, no any 3-rd party and also no WU, I understand that LKPR is still no under any WU.

Update: very sry, I said already that I have rolling cache on since sim day1 so don’t understand to your recommendation.

Hello all,

can any user here kindly check LKPR airport and confirm stock scenery doesn’t have taxi lights?

I can confirm, no taxi lights at LKPR. First time I’ve seen that, but I mainly fly USA. The taxi light issue may be an issue with Europe or at least Prague and others. I’ve never seen taxi lights missing in the USA.

It may be worth looking on YouTube to see if anyone has reviewed one of the add-on LKPR. It would cost you to buy it but it may fix the issue to have a third-party version if that is the airport you are going to be using.

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@ EchoEightSix

thnx for your effort,

no, I don’t want spend next money to have problems with some 3-rd party airport sceneries. Default stock airport sceneries are ok to me, I preffer for first flight and procedures, really I don’t care if some hangars or tower looking differently than IRL. Really I’m sad about stock sceneries and their taxi/runway lights missing at some airports, especially at LKPR what is very big and famous international airport.

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